Family-owned businesses and private business owners are looking for insight, guidance and technical expertise when planning and preparing to grow or transition. Whether growing your business means rapidly finding cash, financial restructuring or acquiring another company, we can help you at all parts of your journey.

Our corporate finance and financial advisory teams can help you analyze the market, determine the proper mergers and acquisitions strategy, perform due diligence and advise you on the transaction. And when it comes time to transition your business to the new owners (whether within your family or to an external party), we can help with business succession planning, getting you ready for sale and/or finding you the right partner/buyer.

How we can help

Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you are buying or selling a business, our Corporate Finance team can support you at every phase and step of the mergers and acquisitions process.

Buy/sell due diligence

Due diligence is a vital step when buying or selling a private or family business. Our deal advisory transaction service team can assist you with due diligence, including projection assumptions, quality of earnings reports, 'debt-like' item identification and net working capital.

Rapid performance improvement (RPI)

Today's complex environment requires rapid and effective responses, particularly with regards to cash and cost take out. Our RPI group uses a structured and focused approach to analyze your enterprise and rapidly find and deliver cash.

Business succession

Succession planning is a must for every business and family business. As part of our deal advisory services, we can assist with planning your business succession process, including advising on effective tax structures and transitioning to the next owner(s).

Market analysis

With comprehensive market analysis, Our commercial due diligence team can help you understand consumer and industrial market dynamics, evaluate strategic options and determine an appropriate mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Business valuation

The aim of any business is to create and sustain value. KPMG Family Office can support you in fundamental and multiple valuations of your business, including fairness opinions and appraisals.

Debt and financing strategy

Like other companies, family-owned and privately-owned businesses may often need financing to help increase profit and propel growth. We can advise you on optimizing your debt and financing strategy.

Restructuring and optimization

Several reasons may trigger the need for restructuring a private and/or family-owned business. Our objective KPMG Family Office advisors can assist you with financial restructuring and provide advice on how to enhance your cash flows and conduct discussions with lenders.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

KPMG Family Office provides a range of deal advisory services, including mergers and acquisition services, buy/sell due diligence, business succession planning, market analysis, business valuation, debt strategy, restructuring, and more. Our proactive, trusted advisors work closely with you and your family to:

  • Navigate and optimize the mergers and acquisitions process
  • Analyze the market and determine M&A strategy
  • Plan for succession
  • Value your business
  • Find the right buyers/partners

Deal advisory professionals at KPMG Family Office can provide objective, actionable advice to help you minimize risks and unlock, drive and preserve value for your business. Our advisors offer you deep knowledge and experience across the deal lifecycle, delivering enhanced growth and transition solutions.

Family business succession comprises two broad processes: management succession and the ownership succession. Through family communications, management processes, leadership succession strategies and dispute resolution procedures, family businesses can arrive at informed decision-making, aligned family members, and increased comfort levels.

When it comes to your family business transition, many owners are concerned about a lack of interest among the next generation. There are a number of ways to build interest in the next generation, such as:

  • Involving them early in discussions on family values, goals, the family business and family wealth
  • Involving them in family meetings about the business
  • Having candid conversations about the intentions of both generations

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