Managing everything that comes with your company’s high growth, evolving cyber and security issues, remote workforce, and talent shortages, while at the same time implementing a holistic, ‘right-sized’ ERM system, can be a challenge. As a CRO or CFO, how do you address limited internal ERM expertise/resources? Stay current with evolving industry standards and risks? As a CTO or CIO, how do you handle cost and budget constraints? Develop a seamless program that’s not viewed as too onerous or task intensive?

Introducing ERM as a service

Outsource or co-source your ERM needs cost-effectively. We can help design and maintain your processes, and provide an intuitive platform that:

  • Automates workflows
  • Offers a shared central source of truth
  • Delivers continuous internal and market-based risk insights

Importantly, our ERM as a service helps your organization generate healthy risk discussions and integrate them into the business for the long-term.

Ready to go beyond?

Our dedicated ERM professionals have years of practical experience to help you achieve your risk goals. Across Canada and globally, our experienced practitioners can help you design, review, implement, and improve your ERM operating models, and align them with leading industry practices.

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