It’s time to rethink enterprise risk management (ERM). With evolving threats on every front, organizations need ERM programs that identify, respond, and adapt to ever-evolving cyber security risks, economic shifts, regulatory changes, climate change threats, geopolitical tensions, talent challenges, and beyond.

Welcome to the world of ERM as a Service. Here, KPMG’s risk management specialists and services can help transform the way you envision and run your ERM program by working in lock-step with your team to:

  • Drive integrated risk and strategy: Ensure risk and performance are managed ‘hand-in-hand’ and your organization can achieve optimal risk returns in defining and operationalizing its strategies
  • Build operational and business resilience: Obtain greater insights into the existing and emerging risks and "what could go wrong" scenarios that will help you better prepare, withstand, and recover from risk and stress events
  • Improve decision-making: Empower stakeholders across your organization to make quicker and well-informed decisions
  • Foster a culture of open dialogue: Nurture a business environment that encourages transparency and open discussions on risk management matters

All-in-one ERM made simple

KPMG's ERM as a service brings the industry's top ERM consultants, technologies, software, and framework to your organization. No configuration fees. No user fees. Just effective enterprise risk management made simple.

KPMG’s ERM specialists understand that every organization is unique. That’s why our ERM as a service is designed to be fully customized to your business’s specific needs. Whether you are a small- to medium-sized business or a large listed corporation, we leverage our flexible service offerings and scalable ERM technology platform to find a solution designed for you.

What you get in return

Collaborating with KPMG can unlock advantages across your business, including:

  • Risk and industry specialization: Access our risk management and industry specialization to build and/or sustain an ERM program that works within your environment and brings value to your stakeholders. Our flexible deployment of resources also ensures you get the right level of ongoing support
  • Risk technology enablement: Leverage a user-friendly and simple ERM technology to help streamline your risk process, automate workflows, perform risk assessment activities, track indicators, and much more
  • Industry risk insights: Obtain insights and an "outside-in" perspective on the latest industry risk trends to help you reduce blind spots and stay ahead of the curve
  • Risk dashboarding and data visualization: Adopt dynamic and interactive risk dashboards with powerful visualization and key data points to inform, report, and discuss your ERM performance

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