Innovating together

Innovative thinking is an essential response to today’s complex business challenges. Our clients can look to the KPMG and IBM Alliance as a source of innovation. Our two organizations have been working together for more than a decade, driving value for our clients through the combined strengths, skills and experience of our people and technology.

This includes everything from helping organizations make the most of their ERP implementations to developing joint solutions that capture the power of IBM’s software with the specialization of KPMG’s advisory services. Our alliance continues to bring innovative answers through the use of IBM’s Watson technology that enables our professionals to harness the power of cognitive computing for our clients.

In other words, the KPMG and IBM Alliance has a proven track record for innovation. And we’re ready to put it to work creating greater value for you.

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61% of Canadian CEOs expect to see ROI from investments made in Artificial Intelligence over the next three years.

Source: 2019 Canadian CEO Outlook: Agile or irrelevant

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Strategic alliances

KPMG in Canada and our network of member firms have built a strong ecosystem of alliances with some of the world's leading technology, data and services companies.