Harnessing the power of AI to deliver enhanced audit quality

The demand for audit transparency has never been greater. Organizations are relentlessly focused on audit quality, seeking a deeper level of data-driven insights, and enhanced productivity.

Building on a multi-year collaboration in Canada, KPMG’s strategic alliance with AI leader MindBridge brings the power of AI into audits consistently across the globe. Embedding MindBridge’s AI capabilities into KPMG Clara, our cloud-based smart audit platform, we’re able to deliver a data-driven audit that is focused on unexpected or high-risk areas, leading to deeper insights that drive better analysis. The alliance allows KPMG Clara to harness MindBridge’s advanced statistical, machine learning, and rules-based analytics technology to analyze transactions on a more granular level and deliver an even higher quality audit.

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At KPMG in Canada, we're leading the way in audit innovation with our cutting-edge technology and digitally upskilled workforce. Our smart audit platform, KPMG Clara, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, provides our clients with invaluable insights, and sets a new standard for audit excellence.

Bryant Ramdoo
National Audit and Assurance Innovation Leader
KPMG in Canada

The alliance with KPMG speaks volumes to the step change we are leading in the modernization of the audit industry. Our platform, integrated into KPMG Clara, provides comprehensive and thorough analysis of clients’ financial data, identifying risks at a transactional level across complex businesses, setting the new standard for cohesive data science and AI-led auditing capabilities.

Robin Grosset
Chief Technology Officer

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