IFRS 17 has wide-ranging impacts for insurers’ accounting standards, financial processes, and reporting requirements, without adding business value or altering risk assessments. As the CFO, VP of Finance, or Internal Actuary, how do you address these complex regulatory and compliance requirements, while also dealing with scarce resources, outdated skills, and information delays?

Introducing IFRS 17 as a Service

Benefit from technologies, processes and capabilities that were previously available only to large financial institutions

Our IFRS 17 as a Service includes managed applications and business functions deployed on a cloud-computing infrastructure, in alliance with SAS and Microsoft, to provide insurers with a powerful solution, without having to deploy the technology in-house. It offers a continuous and consistent view of the impact IFRS 17 has on your company’s accounts and reporting requirements, and is scalable and flexible enough to keep up with the pace of regulatory change.

Ready to go beyond?

We can help you meet your IFRS 17 requirements … and more

IFRS 17 as a Service has a wide range of uses including stress testing, Solvency II, IFRS 9, and anti-money laundering compliance. These can be added as needed and integrated into your business to help manage your ongoing operational needs more efficiently.

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