Over the last decade, we have seen significant regulatory change and reform as a result of stakeholders demanding greater transparency and accountability from businesses and governments. This has resulted in policy and regulatory changes that are impacting the way organizations operate and report both locally and globally.

Industry regulators are focusing on increased governance. Investor scrutiny has led to mounting pressure for expanded environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

The growing digital economy has had significant impacts on data privacy and cyber security regulations as well as the global tax landscape.


77% of Canadian CEOs agree that a lack of AI regulation will be a barrier to success

Source: 2023 KPMG CEO Outlook

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The increased threat landscape has driven many industries and governing bodies to implement new regulatory policies and compliance frameworks to ensure transparent and ethical business practices to that safeguard stakeholders. KPMG in Canada has teams of experienced professionals who can provide insights and guidance on industry-specific regulatory and compliance issues.

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