The mining industry has faced many new and unexpected issues over the last few years, and companies today need to rely on risk management and carefully crafted financial strategy to protect and grow their business.

Canada’s mining industry continues to play a critical role in the country’s economic future, particularly as it relates to the need for critical minerals for the energy transition. There is also potential economic growth remaining in the world’s major mining markets. As mining companies evolve their financial strategies to keep up with these fast-paced developments, understanding the role that taxation plays is more important than ever.

KPMG in Canada’s latest mining tax guide aims to equip businesses with a framework on the Canadian tax regime and how it applies to mining activities, both in Canada and globally. Also included is a summary of the latest regulatory and tax changes in the industry that may impact mining companies in the coming year. The guide is in an easy-to-read format, with a navigation bar at the bottom of each page.

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