As corporations are increasingly expanding across borders, changes in domestic and international tax laws can affect tax planning strategies. KPMG’s international tax professionals understand these changes and help businesses, operating in Canada and around the world, comply with domestic and international tax laws with reliable tax planning advice built on years of experience. KPMG tax professionals offer international tax services tailored to your business. Prepare for, adapt and respond to tax changes, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge with the help of KPMG.

Key service areas

Inbound/outbound international transactions including cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions

When considering or undertaking cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and other reorganization opportunities, the associated tax implications can be challenging to navigate. KPMG’s international tax advisors can help your organization manage all aspects of cross-border reorganization opportunities to increase value and mitigate risks.

Tax due diligence for international M&A transactions

KPMG’s international tax team can assist in undertaking the appropriate due diligence to ensure potential risk areas are not overlooked. Tax due diligence allows for more informed purchasing decisions and facilitates price negotiations and determination of the deal structure.

International corporate tax advisory – tax-efficient structuring of inbound and outbound investments and global financing

KPMG’s international tax team can help structure inbound and outbound investments in the most advantageous way while managing compliance requirements in every jurisdiction. Our international tax team can also review your existing structure and provide recommendations on how to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Foreign reporting and related surplus calculations

The CRA requires annual surplus computations to support dividend deductions taken in Canada. Surplus pools reflect the economic earnings of a foreign affiliate and can help in determining the Canadian tax treatment of dividends, capital gains, upstream loans, acquisition/corporate reorganizations, and safe income calculations. KPMG’s web-based Surplus Calculator makes the annual task of preparing surplus computations simple and seamless.

Form T1134, “Information Return Relating to Controlled and Not-Controlled Foreign Affiliates” includes additional questions and more detailed requests. The KPMG international tax team can help you complete this form to ensure compliance with foreign affiliate reporting rules. Our end-to-end technology solution can assist with the collection, management, and transformation of the expanded data required to complete these forms.

When Canadian businesses hold shares in foreign investments for non-registered accounts, any income, dividends, and capital gains arising from the investment must be reported on Canadian corporate income tax returns. Determining the amount to include on the tax return is not a simple task, as you must consider currency conversion, double taxation by the foreign country, and the different rules for amounts over $100,000. The KPMG international tax team can help manage these issues, as well as other risks, and help determine the best strategies when it comes to investing in registered accounts such as RRSP or RRIF.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Commonly, corporations face a wide array of issues when dealing with different tax systems, and the KPMG tax team can help you navigate them and provide you with the most effective international tax planning strategies. We can help with global effective tax rate planning, value chain management, global capital structure planning, international tax reporting and compliance, international tax dispute resolution, and more.

International tax planning strategies include analysis, reporting, and risk management. Through these services and our understanding of business taxes, our international tax professionals can help optimize Canadian and foreign tax planning strategies, allowing you to keep more capital and grow your business. KPMG’s international tax professionals provide cross-border tax insights for all aspects of international tax.

As expectations for global transparency are heightened in today’s complex tax landscape, tax technology is critical for an effective tax department design and delivery. Tax tools and technologies help tax departments to adapt to regulatory change, streamline processes, report more effectively, and easily manage data.

KPMG Digital Gateway is our single platform solution with access to the full suite of KPMG Tax and Legal Technologies. Powered by Microsoft Azure and built on the cloud, KPMG Digital Gateway combines machine learning, data analytics, powerful visualizations, and AI technologies with the experience of KPMG’s global network of professionals. This combination of tools will help tackle regulatory change, create value out of your data, and streamline compliance and planning while enabling effective collaboration across all departments, including tax, legal, and finance.

KPMG international tax professionals have extensive knowledge of Canadian, US, and international cross-border tax matters. Through understanding business taxes and how they relate to your organization, KPMG professionals can provide you with cross-border tax planning opportunities and advice that go beyond simple tax compliance to help your business succeed. KPMG utilizes its network of tax professionals around the world, along with specialists in other areas of taxation, to provide a complete and multi-disciplined approach to tax challenges.

The KPMG international tax team is part of a global network of tax professionals with experience in cross-border tax services. Connect with us today to understand how our team can support your business needs.

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