Nearly two-thirds of deals fail to meet their anticipated value. Our research indicate that 30% of value erosion occurs pre-deal, and 70% occurs post-deal.

KPMG in Canada’s Strategy and Deal Execution practice can help management teams and investors maximize value across every phase of the deal lifecycle.

We have worked with 70% of Canada’s largest companies and 90% of its major institutional and private equity investors. We leverage industry-proven playbooks, advanced tools, and the experience from our network of over 2,000 practitioners worldwide to help our clients maximize their chances of success.

Our 12-year study into M&A returns shows that one third of deals increase shareholder value, one third are value neutral and one third erode value.

KPMG analysis of M&A returns over 12-year study – 2023

How we can help

Here are some of the ways KPMG helps our clients realize more value from their deals.

Our latest research shows that two thirds of integrations fail to increase value. With decades of integrations experience, our team is equipped to assist with a comprehensive range of integration efforts, including:

  • Integration strategy
  • Integration governance
  • Integration management office
  • Integration planning
  • Integration due diligence
  • Day 1 readiness
  • Risk and issue management
  • Synergies and costs
  • Communications and change management
  • Cultural integration
  • Organizational design
  • Direct functional support:
    • Customer integration
    • People integration
    • Systems integration
    • Finance integration
    • Operations integration
    • Supply chain integration
    • Procurement value capture

KPMG research shows that businesses outperform their peers post-separation. This indicates that separation can be good for business, but it is also a complex and potentially costly endeavour. We work on both the buy side and sell side, helping companies get the most value out of the separation process while minimizing the risks associated with carve outs. Our services include:

  • Separation strategy
  • Separation perimeters and carve-out analysis
  • Separation vendor due diligence
  • Separation management office
  • Transition service agreements
  • Stand-alone operating model
  • Stand-alone costs
  • Rightsizing opportunities
  • Day 1 readiness
  • Functional separation:
    • Customer function separation
    • People function separation
    • Systems separation
    • Finance function separation
    • Operations function separation
    • Manufacturing function separation
    • Back office function separation

Less than 25% of investors have realized the full operational value identified before a deal, according to the 2023 KPMG Portfolio Value Creation study. We work with companies to implement operational and commercial improvements that can generate sustained revenue and profitability. Our services include:

  • Revenue management
  • Customer and product profitability
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Supply chain efficiencies
  • Procurement synergies
  • IT rationalization
  • Organizational efficiencies
  • Back-office function improvements
  • Working capital improvement

For years, we've helped clients build, scale, and maintain profitable businesses with our comprehensive playbook. Whether you're starting a new business, launching a unit, or growing an existing one, our ‘build and scale’ playbooks can guide you. Our services include:

  • Operating model design
  • Financial modeling
  • Policies and controls
  • Tax structuring
  • Risk and compliance
  • Functional build out in Sales and marketing, Operations, IT, HR, Finance

Our teams can help you uncover the information necessary for making well-informed decisions around the deal, maximizing its potential value. Our services include:

  • Operational due diligence
  • Systems due diligence
  • People due diligence
  • Integration due diligence
  • Separation due diligence
  • Rapid performance due diligence

Whether your goal is to acquire, divest, integrate, optimize performance, conduct a due diligence, or stand up a new business from scratch, we are ready to help meet your objectives at deal speed.

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