Are you underestimating the challenges of an M&A transaction?

Deals fail for any number of reasons, but you can realize the results you and your stakeholders’ desire with a deliberate, forward-thinking approach to deal planning, execution and integration. That’s where KPMG can help.

We see transactions through an investor's lens and are focused on helping clients identify, evaluate, and successfully implement their growth strategies in today's complex business landscape.

With a leading-practices approach that emphasizes creating and preserving stakeholder value, combined with the deep knowledge, experience and forward-looking perspectives of our dedicated teams of integrated specialists, we provide a range of highly tailored transaction advisory services.

Our approach to transaction services

Our transactions methodology, which is supported by superior analytical tools and proprietary data, transcends traditional due diligence to take into account an expanded universe of risks and rewards. As a result, deal-makers turn to us for transactions advice to that help them manage risks, take advantage of opportunities, and achieve desired business results. Our transactions methodology takes the following into account:

  • Deal alignment to strategic business objectives
  • Timely response to market and competitor dynamics
  • Robust financial and business due diligence
  • Value-adding business integration processes that maximize synergies

Finance transformation in response to reporting, accounting and taxstructure ramifications of the transaction

How we can help:

  • Buy-Side Transactions
  • Integration and Separation
  • Sell-Side Transactions

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