Managing privacy risks in a virtual world

Regulators, business leaders, and technologists all agree – an organization's privacy efforts cannot be solely assured by compliance with regulations; privacy must become the default mode of an operation. With the new reality of companies and customers connecting more virtually, organizations are facing heightened demand around safeguarding and managing personal information. Whether it is navigating regulatory compliance, automating governance capabilities, or optimizing records of data, our Privacy, Regulatory and Information Management (PRIM) team helps tailor the right solutions for your business needs.

Organizations typically ask us:

  • What are industry peers doing to govern their data and manage their privacy risks?
  • How can we optimize the customer experience without breaking any data sharing rules?
  • How can we launch privacy-enhancing and trustworthy functionality in emerging technologies?
  • How can we automate our privacy risk reporting and data mapping capabilities?
  • What is our consent management strategy for compliant marketing campaigns?
  • Can we transfer our data outside of Canada?

Our approach

KPMG's Privacy, Regulatory and Information Management (PRIM) team is comprised of former privacy lawyers, Chief Privacy Officers, privacy regulators, technologists, policy advisors and cyber security professionals who work closely with our clients to operationalize privacy laws into business processes and develop tailored strategies that help maximize the value of their data assets.

KPMG's Privacy by Design Program

Privacy by Design builds on the premise that privacy should be embedded into the design, operation, and management of new applications, existing IT systems, tracking & medical devices, geolocation services, AI platforms, and digital business practices in order to prevent privacy vulnerabilities and the potential for irreparable financial and reputational harm.

KPMG's national Privacy by Design Certification Program helps our clients demonstrate effective due diligence in the event of a privacy breach, investigation and/or complaint. It is a proactive, risk-based approach to achieving compliance.

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