New opportunities have arisen for tax leaders to use tax technology to create efficiencies, increase accuracy, and enhance transparency in their tax functions. These opportunities come as a result of improved tax automation, advances in tax technology and data analytics, and heightened tax leader ability to apply tax transformation best practices to reduce tax risk, manage exposure, enhance compliance, and thereby maintain a competitive advantage.

Organizations must navigate a dynamic tax environment characterized by digital disruption and increasing regulation. These tax-related challenges demand precisely targeted and smoothly implemented strategies, strict compliance with ever-changing tax laws, and improved control through the application of effective tax technology.

KPMG can help tax leaders establish a clear tax vision and formulate effective tax operating models aligned to the overall business objectives of the wider organization. Through the considered use of these tax transformation processes and strategies, we can help transform your organization’s tax function to deliver value, support the implementation of effective risk management controls, and provide benchmarks and key performance indicators that demonstrate success.

Key Service Areas

KPMG’s Tax Transformation network helps organizations build and operate leading tax functions while managing their tax risk, reputation, and exposure in an increasingly digital economy. Our targeted approach focuses on three key areas:

KPMG’s experienced tax technology professionals can assist in implementing a robust governance framework that builds in tax transparency and positions tax as an enabler to profitability. Using tried and tested tax data management technologies, we foster confidence in accurate reporting that drives in-depth insights for strategic planning and business forecasting.

KPMG’s tax compliance technology specialists assist organizations of all types and sizes to streamline processes and automate the manual, repetitive tasks which are typically encountered. Backed by advanced tax compliance technology tools, KPMG professionals can help tax teams quickly identify opportunities for improvement, design solutions, and implement a more efficient future state.

By leveraging advanced tax automation and tax data technologies, KPMG can help you successfully navigate your tax transformation journey. From reviewing processes to resourcing and more, our experienced team of tax professionals takes a holistic view and uses a personalized approach to developing effective, right-sized technologies for better tax administration. The result: a finely tuned tax function aligned to match your strategic vision and complement your business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The adoption of any new technology can challenge organizations on many levels. For example, fear and distrust may be generated by a lack of (or incomplete) understanding of the benefits of new tax automation technology. KPMG firmly believes that transforming the tax function through technology is fundamental to tax today – and tomorrow. Our experienced tax professionals can work with you to dispel fear and distrust, increase confidence in tax technology solutions, and empower your organization to make tax automation technology a cornerstone of your digital tax strategy.

KPMG's highly skilled tax technology team can help you develop and implement a digital tax strategy aimed at maximizing the tax functionality of existing finance platforms. These digital tax strategies include ensuring your existing finance and/or ERP systems are properly tax-sensitized to help provide standardized tax determination and applying customized tax technology to help you comply with country-by-country reporting obligations. KPMG’s tax professionals can help you determine which digital tax strategy is the best option for advancing your organization’s business goals.

KPMG’s Tax Transformation team can assist at any point throughout your tax transformation journey. An ideal suite of digital analytics tools and systems can allow tax leaders to access faster, more accurate reporting and forecasting data aligned to clear business metrics to enable informed strategic decisions and improved performance. KPMG’s experienced tax technology and data analytics specialists can help make it happen.

The future of tax technology is here today in the form of informed digital tax strategy and advanced technologies for better tax administration. At KPMG, we take a technology-enabled approach to developing a future state target operating model. Our experienced tax technology solutions architects can collaborate with you to bring tax transparency, a deep understanding of tax technology and data analytics, and innovative tax automation designs to help you reimagine your tax function.

KPMG can help you understand, access, and apply new tax transformation tools to support your organization’s financial goals and help realize its vision. Contact one of our professionals today to learn how.

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