Established in 2017, FamilyShift is a five-day program developed in collaboration with Ivey’s Business Families Centre and KPMG Private Enterprise, bringing together up to 50 of Canada’s most promising next generation family members to connect, learn and share as future leaders of family businesses across the country.

As part of the highly successful “Shift” family of programs (which includes QuantumShift and CommunityShift), FamilyShift participants will be exposed to concepts, learnings and ideas designed to enhance their overall ability to make a successful transition.

Presented by leading academics and practitioners in the field, topics include leadership development, understanding family governance and family dynamics, negotiation and communication skills, intrapreneurship and innovation and understanding the many nuances that come with working in a family business.

The FamilyShift program takes place every year in October in-person in London, Ontario. If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact your local KPMG Private Enterprise advisor or connect with us at the link below.

Program benefits

Personal development: Included within the course are specific exercises and assessments designed to identify management and leadership styles, helping individuals build on their strengths and identify areas for future development.

Awareness and education : Allow participants to better understand family dynamics and the impact of succession and next generation development on the family business.

Alumni Network: Upon completion of the FamilyShift program, participants enter an exclusive peer-to-peer Alumni Network, designed to provide next generation business leaders with a platform to share ideas and challenges with likeminded peers.

Who should apply?

The ideal candidates are next generation family members who are:

  • Minimum suggested age of 25 or active in the family business
  • High potential individuals, positioned to take leading role in the family business
  • Insightful and articulate; eager to learn and develop
  • Multigenerational family business preferred
  • Private Canadian family owned business with annual revenue of at least $10M or $20M in family net worth and growing

If you are interested in applying for this program or have any questions, please contact your local KPMG Private Enterprise advisor or email us at

For more information, please visit the FamilyShift web page.

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