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Wholesale trade and distribution

KPMG Corporate Finance acted as the financial advisor to the shareholders of Islands West Manufacturers Ltd. (Islands West) on its sale to Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. (Fresh Direct), a portfolio company of Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. (HKW).

Founded in 1995, Islands West markets wholesale produce, processed fruits and vegetables (washed and cut), frozen produce, and dried spice products. Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Islands West supplies foodservice customers, national retail, and governmental and institutional. Islands West’s success is built due to its strong relationships with both local and international farmers and brokers over its 20+ year history.

Fresh Direct, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a distributor of fresh, ethnic, tropical, organic and specialty produce. Fresh Direct distributes 1,000+ fruit and vegetable items throughout the Western Canadian market and also provides ripening, grading, machine packaging, and bagging services. HKW acquired Fresh Direct in December 2018.

KPMG deal team

KPMG Corporate Finance
acted as financial advisor to

Islands West Manufacturers

on its sale to

Fresh Direct Produce

September 2019

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