Immediate cyber response services are crucial to your company’s reputation

Cybersecurity threats are a new business reality. As cyber threats grow in volume and complexity, the loss of intellectual property, customer data, and other sensitive information can put your entire organization at risk.

Not only can it result in disruption of business operations, but it can also cause severe financial and reputational damage and affect product integrity, customer experience, investor confidence, regulatory compliance and more.

KPMG’s Cybersecurity practice can assist you with detecting, responding to and recovering from cyber breaches by providing immediate response services. Our professionals have experience in investigations, digital forensics, and recovery, which can help your organization secure evidence, understand what happened, mitigate risks and support internal, legal and law enforcement inquiries.

At KPMG, we help leading organizations worldwide effectively manage and protect their most valuable data across a broad spectrum of evolving threats and scenarios. We approach cybersecurity, not as a one-time project, but rather a holistic, adaptive strategy aligned to your business goals, focused on delivering long-term value for your business. So you can protect your future and expand possibilities.


Incident response readiness and planning: Assists you in improving incident readiness and response capabilities. So, in the event a security incident does occur, your organization is well-prepared to respond in a timely and effective manner.

Digital investigations and remediation: Helps you efficiently respond to cyber incidents. When a breach occurs, we conduct forensic analysis and detailed investigations to determine what happened, how it happened, and, if applicable, who was involved.

Threat intelligence: Helps prioritize assets, identify possible threats and vulnerabilities, and determine organizational impact. This reduces the cost and complexity of proactively securing critical information assets and responding to attacks.

Data identification and remediation: Helps you efficiently leverage technology to securely manage confidential data, identify redundant, obsolete and trivial data (ROT) for remediation, and make it available in the business decision-making process.

KPMG Digital Responder: Offers an advanced approach, responding to cyber incidents by increasing responsive effectiveness and efficiency by automating common forensic triage tasks in a timely and consistent manner.

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