As a major global IoT solutions provider, Sierra Wireless utilizes manufacturing facilities around the world — delivering innovative technologies that are enhancing operational efficiencies and customer experiences for some of the world's leading organizations.

But in March 2021, the Canadian-based multinational's operations were temporarily disrupted by a ransomware attack that required decisive action. Sierra Wireless immediately countered the attack — turning to KPMG firms' cyber-incident response specialists from Canada and the UK to help them with response and recovery efforts.

Detection software deployed across the Sierra Wireless IT environment identified and resolved the root cause of the ransomware attack, and KPMG specialists worked with Sierra to contain and recover the disrupted operations. In the wake of the incident, KPMG and Sierra Wireless professionals worked together to enhance Sierra's IT operations and cyber-security program. 

Is it time to transform your cyber-security program?

I'm proud of the efforts of our IT team and external advisors as they successfully mitigated the attack and restored operations that were affected by the incident.

Sam Cochrane
Chief Financial Officer at Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless

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