Simplify, streamline, and optimize your cyber threat protection

Rapid digital transformation and evolving cyber risks make managed detection and response (MDR) a business priority. But whatever the role – CISO, CIO, CTO, or VP of Information Security Accountabilities – it can be a struggle to ensure your organization’s cybersecurity programs meet minimum requirements, stay current with regulations, and adapt to an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. This is especially true given the challenges of finding and retaining skilled talent who will make MDR their focus.

Streamlining cyber threat protection

KPMG’s MDR services combine leading automation technology, deep technical security knowledge, and a proprietary threat intelligence model to help provide greater visibility into your organization’s cyber security capabilities. They are delivered by a Canadian team with vast experience helping clients optimize their cybersecurity monitoring and response efforts so they can detect and respond to threats with efficiency and precision.

Ready to go beyond?

Traditional cyber operations demand excess time, talent, and resources to generate and manage cyber alerts. They are also typically carried out with a “quantity over quality” mindset.

KPMG's managed detection and response (MDR) expertise helps ensure your security resources are best positioned for success. Through our MDR as a service approach, we enable you to respond and – in many cases – contain your cyber threats so your team can focus on what's crucial for your growth.

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