Navigating through the storm

In an environment of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty Canadian companies face a host of complex problems. From supply chain disruption and evolving stakeholder and regulatory expectations, to heightened economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and an ever-evolving risk landscape – stresses that can threaten the growth and, possibly, the survival of your business.

To lead your business through these challenges, you’ll need the helping hand of a trusted advisor. One that understands your unique circumstances and combines knowledge with experience to propose a tailored solution, helping you navigate difficult times.

Our team of turnaround and restructuring specialists can help you map a strategic plan that best preserves the value of your business while protecting you and your stakeholders. We’re here to have the often uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations together, so you can act with confidence ahead of crisis.

How KPMG can help

  • Develop and implement a turnaround strategy
  • Identify options to restructure your capital
  • Support a company on improving its cash and working capital positions 
  • Optimize your operations and reporting functions
  • Examine M&A opportunities or divestiture options
  • Design a business continuity plan to respond to a crisis

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

KPMG in Canada is respected and trusted by companies, institutions, and stakeholders coast to coast. From developing turnaround strategies and restructuring your corporate finances to reconfiguring your corporate structure, we have a long track record of developing creative solutions to business challenges.

We are a local firm with access to a global platform. With more than 40 professionals in our dedicated Canadian turnaround and restructuring practice and over 1,200 restructuring specialists in 144 countries worldwide, we leverage market intelligence, deep sectoral knowledge, a breadth of resources and insight into global best practices for the benefit of our clients.

Your company may need to explore turnaround and restructuring options if it’s experiencing:

  • deteriorating cash flow 
  • potential or actual breaches of debt covenants or exceeding borrowing limits 
  • high borrowings compared to the ability to generate cash 
  • challenging stakeholder relationships
  • a sudden, adverse event, such as a supply chain disruption

Reach out to our turnaround and restructuring professionals and address issues before they become critical. If you’re uncertain whether you need to be thinking about a turnaround or restructuring plan, contact us for a preliminary conversation and we can help you determine the best course of action.

There’s no single turnaround plan or playbook that’s suitable for every company. Your situation is unique and so must be your turnaround plan. The key to success will lie in your ability to be responsive and agile, taking action early in a crisis, before it is too late.

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