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At KPMG Ignition Vancouver, disruption becomes opportunity.

A centre to transform

KPMG Ignition Vancouver is our innovation, analytics and advanced technology centre designed to spark new thinking and fuel transformation. We utilize exponential technologies, human-centred thinking, and business model innovations to unravel core business challenges and seize opportunities in an era of rapid and disruptive change. We work collaboratively with you to develop new solutions.

The future belongs to innovators

Realizing the promise of digital transformation requires more than just technology, its power must be founded on trusted data and deep-rooted knowledge. We bring our diverse people and teams – specialists, technologists,and thinkers – together with advanced technologies and our ecosystem of alliances to create solutions that are custom-fit for specific business challenges.

The Insiders

Join us as we shine a light on the reality of cutting-edge advancements, uncovering the challenges, opportunities, failures, and successes that drive experimentation in the modern world.

Each episode features an industry leader who will share their captivating journey and invaluable experience, including the lessons they've learned along the way. Through their stories, we humanize the world of innovation, inspiring and motivating our listeners to explore and push the boundaries of their own potential.

Get ready to be amazed by the groundbreaking work being done across all forms of emerging technology and across diverse industries. From AI to blockchain, large enterprise to scale-up, we cover it all. Tune in as we celebrate the real humans who are shaping our collective future.


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Areas of interest

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All-in-one space

At our Ignition Centre, organizations have access to human-centred design and problem-solving methodologies, data and analytics tools, and digital transformation solutions. Our centre brings together diverse teams, advanced technologies, and an interactive data and analytics centre all in one collaborative workspace.

Ignition Vancouver service delivery

We are embracing the new reality. Our team has been able to pivot into the new reality using various collaboration tools and are excelling in the ability to deliver in the virtual world. Whether you are looking for a virtual, hybrid, or in-person session - we are able to deliver.

Disruption series

What is the future of your organization? Design a future-ready strategy by understanding your organization's current state and signals of change. Our team will help identify how you need to transform and work alongside you to get you there.

Connected series

Fragmented digital infrastructure and lack of alignment between front, middle and back office functions can impact the ability for organizations to deliver a seamless customer experience. We can help you streamline processes to build your connected enterprise equipped for the 21st century.

Insights series

Are you capitalizing on your data? With a team of professionals that live at the intersection of business, technology and math, we can show you how big data, analytics and the power of AI can become a major competitive advantage in your business.

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