KPMG Ignition Vancouver encompasses an Ignition Centre, 10,000 square feet of imagination space in Vancouver’s downtown core, and a newly opened innovation hub in Victoria, British Columbia. We combine innovative minds, approaches, insights and technologies to tackle your greatest opportunities and challenges.

From imagining the ‘art of the possible’ with emerging technologies like Generative AI or digital twins to defining areas of opportunity to harness your organization’s data, KPMG Ignition Vancouver is your home for new thinking, approaches, and possibilities. You’ll have access to cutting-edge problem-solving methodologies and analytics tools, with real-life use cases from around the globe presented in an immersive multimedia format designed to spur ideas and get insights faster.

You bring the passion for a brighter future; we match that with our team of innovators, creative technologists, and seasoned subject matter experts who bring a deep sense of curiosity and a passion for creating market-defining solutions. Together, we’ll embrace new perspectives, frame challenges in a new light and shape, and define and build the next chapter of your organization’s story.

The Insiders

Join us as we shine a light on the reality of cutting-edge advancements, uncovering the challenges, opportunities, failures and successes that drive experimentation in the modern world. Our podcast covers everything from AI to blockchain, large enterprise to scale-up.

Each episode features an industry leader who will share their captivating journey and invaluable experience, including the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Through their stories, we humanize the world of innovation, inspiring and motivating our listeners to explore and push the boundaries of their potential.


Episode 1 [PDF 203 KB] | Episode 2 [PDF 191 KB] Episode 3 [PDF 208 KB] Episode 4 [PDF 207 KB] | Episode 5 [PDF 229 KB] | Episode 6 [PDF 198 KB] | Episode 7 [PDF 275 KB]

How can we help ignite your journey?

At KPMG Ignition Vancouver, we don’t see the future—we shape it. Book a session today and take the first step towards building your brighter future.

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Victoria hub

KPMG Ignition Vancouver expands its reach with an innovation hub in Victoria. Situated in the heart of downtown Victoria, the hub is a home for new thinking, approaches and possibilities to drive innovation in the public sector and other industries supporting economic growth in BC’s capital. You’ll have access to cutting-edge problem-solving methodologies and analytics tools with real-life use cases from around the globe to foster new ideas and insights in a faster pace. Connect with us today to get started.

Meet the Ignition team

Our team has a wealth of experience in digital transformation, strategic innovation and disruptive business models in an ever-evolving digital age. Together, we can harness the power of change for your business’ future evolution. Make the connection today.

Connect with us

Connect with us