Finding a good Corporate or Commercial lawyer is easy. But few truly understand the holistic environment in which their clients operate. They may understand the legal implications and risks; what they don't always understand are the business forces that influence success.

At KPMG Law, our Corporate and Commercial lawyers and our law clerks are some of the best in the industry. What makes them valuable business partners and advisors, however, is their ability to see the whole picture; our relationship with KPMG in Canada provides our legal professionals with unique insights and access to valuable capabilities that enhance business success.

Whether it's supporting new business formations in Canada or abroad (including partnership and shareholder agreements); developing and updating commercial contracts (such as supply agreements); or designing and executing corporate reorganizations and international business reorganizations, our team of legal professionals takes a holistic view of each challenge, ensuring their focus remains on delivering the best outcomes for their clients.

Find out how KPMG Law's business lawyers can help your organization realize its objectives. Contact one of our lawyers today.

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