Every law firm says they are 'different'. But are they really? We are, and it just takes one conversation with our people or our clients to make that clear.

What makes KPMG Law a different and rewarding place to work? Here are our Top Five reasons:

  1. We are a start-up within an established brand. It's not just that we are growing rapidly (and we are), it's that our people are encouraged to be creative, to work collaboratively and to be solutions-driven. Yet, at the same time, we also belong to one of the largest and most trusted professional services brands globally. It's the best of both worlds.
  2. You'll never stop learning. Our people are continuously exposed to a massive amount of information, new skills, innovative technologies and capabilities. Those seeking variety in their work can range across multiple industries; those seeking to specialize are encouraged to develop deep skills and capabilities. Student or seasoned professional, you never stop growing.
  3. You get access to KPMG's platform. If you are looking to expand your practice, our relationship with KPMG provides unprecedented access to new clients and networks. If you are looking to enhance your value to your clients, the platform places you at the center of a network of skilled tax, audit and advisory professionals. You can't get that at a traditional law firm.
  4. You are encouraged to build your book. Just because we are part of KPMG doesn't mean we're a captive law firm – quite the opposite. In fact, at KPMG Law, our compensation structure is designed to encourage our professionals to build their book of business outside of the KPMG network of member firms, not just to log in billable hours. You can grow your practice at KPMG Law.
  5. We enjoy working together. We don't work in silos. Our culture is built on collaboration – across all levels of the firm. We don't believe in having 'lawyers' and 'everybody else'; every player in our team is viewed as a contributor to the success of our clients. But we do believe in having fun and growing as people. You'll actually enjoy working at KPMG Law.

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If you are looking for a very different and very rewarding legal career, you are probably looking for KPMG Law. Talk to one of our professionals today to find out more about working with our team.