​We have developed an exciting collaboration to help our clients meet their net-zero emissions targets. KPMG and MaRS are collaborating to offer organizations access to innovation-focused consultants and climate tech solutions from MaRS-supported ventures. Our goal is to assist our clients in finding the right solutions to meet their net-zero targets and implement them at an enterprise scale.

“We have the funding, just not the solution or the capability”​
Advantages Disadvantages
  • ESG ambitions​
  • Strategies and funding
  • Realizing ambitions at pace
  • Capacity to work with ventures or new technologies

“We have the solution, just not the resources or the capability”​
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Extensive clean-tech solutions
  • Variety of approaches and models​ 
  • Lack the resources to scale
  • Capacity to work with organizations and scale

If your organization has net-zero ambitions and is looking for solutions that achieve them efficiently and without relying entirely on scarce internal resources get in touch with our team today.​

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