Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is about enhancing the culture and values of an organization. Measuring DEI helps organizations respond to challenges, meet customers’ needs and better attract and retain talent.

Take the first steps toward building and strengthening your organization’s cultural tapestry and develop the foundational DEI concepts and tools needed to address business goals and DEI initiatives.

How can we help you reach your DEI objectives?

People are the defining force of all businesses—but great talent can be overlooked because of organizational challenges and limitations. Organizations can create change when equipped with the right tools to effectively measure, compare, and create benchmark metrics for their workforce.

Real change and meaningful actions happen when your organization combines metric-driven insights and clear DEI objectives. KPMG in Canada’s Impact Analytics Accelerator and Talent 4.0 tools can help your organization create a committed and accountable approach to generating change. Building a robust DEI strategy is more than good intentions and words—it requires benchmarking, planning, implementing, measuring your organizational success and the right digital tools to produce operational accomplishments.

How can your organization leverage the DEI Dashboard Accelerator?

Our advisors can work with your organization’s business leaders and human resources professionals to help implement the DEI Dashboard Accelerator. Our dashboard is a tool that is designed and tailored to visualize your organization’s DEI structure. Whether you’re in the early stages of implementing DEI or have an established strategy, we can meet your organization at its maturity level and customize the dashboard to its unique needs.

Our data-enabled approach addresses key challenges organizations face with DEI data collection and analytics. Our advisors are committed to working with you on an ongoing basis to understand the data and tool, how it can be leveraged to drive meaningful change within your organization and align findings with your organization’s DEI goals.

The process is simple. Once your customized dashboard is built, we will work with you to:

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Uncover and showcase valuable insight

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Track your organization’s DEI journey

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Link data to key performance indicators

Frequently asked questions

These tools add value for organizations of all sizes and maturity levels with respect to where the organization is in their DEI journey, as our accelerators are standardized, platform agnostic, and can be tailored to your context.

Our dashboards showcase and uncover valuable insights, tracks your organization’s DEI journey, and links them to key performance indicators.

A custom dashboard tailored to your organizations unique DEI needs, it is available in PowerBI or any other dashboard supporting program and your organization will have on-going support from our consultants.

Our DEI Impact Accelerator measures the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization’s DEI initiatives by tracking key input, output, and outcome metrics.

Using a data-enabled approach, our team can uncover actionable intersectional insights and tie DEI investments back to key metrics.

Our DEI measurement methodology identifies areas of focus and locates your organization in our DEI maturity model.

As part of how we work with our clients, we work side by side with your teams to proactively onboard and upskill to help ensure handover. Through our approach, we also encourage your teams to be actively engaged in the design and development, to produce deliverables that are more valuable and embedded into future state processes.

We prioritize a sustained approach by tracking impact over time. This allows us to focus on the progress towards the ‘big picture’ and course correct by managing specific goals and targets.

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