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Pay equity metrics, policies and practices are viewed as key elements of an ESG strategy, and one that employers are being tasked to adopt with a sense of urgency.

The implementation of the Pay Equity Act is an important commitment by the Government of Canada to close the gender wage gap and help ensure workers receive equal pay for work of equal value. This commitment is echoed through various provincial legislations being implemented across British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Additional regulations are expected, as the concept of pay reporting becomes more widespread and normalized.

The Canadian Pay Equity legislation stipulates that all Canadian employers subject to the Act must post a final pay equity plan by September 3, 2024.

KPMG in Canada’s team of experienced professionals have the capabilities to help organizations understand their legal and compliance obligations as it relates to Canadian Pay Equity legislation, at both the federal and provincial levels. We can help guide you through the multi-step pay equity process with the help of KPMG’s proprietary pay equity tool to support your businesses in developing a pay equity strategy that aligns with corporate objectives to support and enable your workforce.

KPMG’s pay equity process

Ensuring your organization is paying women and men equally for doing work of equal value is crucial and allows you to correct systemic gender-based discrimination in compensation. Our KPMG advisors can walk you through a step-by-step plan to ensure you are carrying out the requirements laid out in the federal Pay Equity act.

While KPMG offers a full-service end-to-end pay equity process, our advisors can work with you to develop a customized pay equity strategy for your unique organizational needs.

Assist in determining applicable legislation and compliance obligations, access to KPMG’s pay equity tool to quickly determine the pay equity gaps and calculate estimated compensation increases and lump sum payments, where applicable. Guide and represent employers through pay equity audits and regulatory reviews, including pay equity related labour relations questions and/or issues.

A KPMG pay equity professional will assist with drafting terms of reference and facilitating committee meetings.

Training provided on the job evaluation process and methodology, assistance in collecting job-related information and facilitating job evaluation sessions.

Half-day or full-day training to project team and relevant stakeholders. Preparation and presentation of a customized PowerPoint presentation for delivery in a webinar format to your employees to provide education on pay equity. Facilitation of a Q&A session with employees to allow for an understanding of the process.

Leveraging pay equity data to identify other areas of improvement and assist in gender wage gap reporting. This may include:

  • Due diligence
  • Create a meaningful Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Integration of the Board and investors
  • Gender reporting nationally

How KPMG can help

KPMG's team of multidisciplinary professionals can help your organization in developing a pay equity program that supports and enables your workforce.

While we offer a full-service approach to developing a pay equity strategy, our advisors can work shoulder to shoulder with you to develop a customizable approach no matter where you are in the pay equity process. Contact us today to understand your legislative and compliance requirements.

Understand your legal and compliance obligations relating to pay equity legislation across Canada and build a strategy that aligns to your corporate objectives.

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