KPMG has built a network and a culture that seeks to empower organizations to look ahead, analyze insights, understand their future, create a plan and then execute against it. We meet you wherever you are in your journey, embracing your drive for change and envisioned destination.

When it comes to problem-solving for your business, we think and work differently because unconventional perspectives lead to unconventional insight.

KPMG Calgary Ignition Centre meeting space (west view)

What we do

A center to transform

KPMG Ignition Calgary is an innovation center where we leverage the tools, technologies, and knowledge within KPMG to help businesses arrive at innovative solutions that move their organizations into the future in meaningful ways.

We are located within the Platform Innovation Centre — a single point of access to resources, supports, programming and events to help startups successfully launch and grow their business.

How we do it

Facilitated innovation

As a leading professional services firm, KPMG has knowledge, strategic alliances and experience in many market-leading industries, sectors, technologies, and solutions. We leverage the capabilities within our diverse team to create value for your organization.

Every step of the way, we will facilitate collaboration and apply the methodologies necessary to co-create solutions for your business with measurable impact.

KPMG Calgary Ignition Centre meeting space (east view)

How we deliver | KPMG Ignition Calgary services

From horizon-scanning to solution building, the KPMG Ignition way of working brings you and your teams together with the best of KPMG and its ecosystem of alliances to support your innovation journey. We offer an experience that spans the thinking, conversations and tangible work that goes into delivering real, sustainable change.

Discovery and Immersion sessions

What’s next in your transformation?

Together, we will explore the art of the possible and what transformation means for your people, processes and technology. Our sessions are grounded in the reality of your business and will demonstrate what you can achieve and how technology, digital and applied analytics, data visualization and intelligent automation can support you.

You will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of the market dynamics and future horizon of your sector
  • A clear view of what is possible, and the broader questions you need to tackle
  • A deeper understanding of which solutions can address your business challenges
  • A clear understanding of the case for change
  • Confidence in what you need to do next

Breakthrough and U-Collaborate sessions

Facilitated thinking to reframe a problem and shape a solution

Through a mix of co-creation, design theory and systems thinking, we will explore a specific business challenge in a high energy session that culminates in shaping a clear action plan that delivers results. Together, we will help build solutions that have the emotional backing of your team – helping you achieve more in days than would normally be possible in months.

You will leave with:

  • A clear articulation of your business challenge
  • Alignment on a potential solution or list of co-created solutions
  • An action plan that sets out next steps
  • Alignment across a large stakeholder group on the way forward
  • Real momentum and engagement in the delivery of the solution after the experience


Make your innovation a reality

We give you the space where your team can work alongside our professionals. We can help you build and test a prototype, proof of concept or minimum viable product. We can apply our approach to validate process blueprints or dashboards.

You will leave with:

  • A prototype, proof of concept, minimum viable product, or customer journey map
  • Important feedback, learning and insights to inform investment decisions
  • Validation of your business case and strategic direction
  • Continued support along your innovation journey

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