Drive your business through resilient and flexible supply chains

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of supply chains to be able to deliver value to their customers, manage risk and navigate through disruptions. COVID-19 exposed significant vulnerabilities in the supply chain. It underlined the fact that organizations today face unprecedented pressure to overhaul their supply chain operations - whether to embrace disruptive new technologies and improve supply chain visibility and integration, or to increase the overall flexibility and resilience of their supply chains.

Organizations must pivot from a focus on products and processes to become more customer-centric, as consumers demand more extensive product choices, personalized service, faster lead times, full order visibility and "click-and-collect" convenience. However, adopting new technologies is not enough to meet the rising customer demand for speed and responsiveness. Supply chains need to transform to operate in this ever-changing digital world with agility and to do so profitably so they are a revenue driver for the business.

How we can help

KPMG Canada's supply chain advisors can help you optimize your supply chain and drive an effective supply chain transformation. With more than 1,100 specialists worldwide in supply chain and procurement digital transformation, our team has the skills, knowledge, and industry experience to help you design and manage supply chains here in Canada, and through your international network. We can help you create supply chains that are transparent, resilient, demand-driven and sustainable.

Some of the ways we collaborate with clients to unlock supply chain value include:

  • Understanding customer segments, tailoring channels to personas
  • Implementing strategies to manage risks of outsourced manufacturing and logistics operations
  • Becoming more demand-driven and optimizing working capital
  • Transforming the procurement function to deliver value
  • Building the architecture and implement the latest 4.0 technologies to optimize operations
  • Designing and implementing digital supply chains

Our supply chain services help solve your biggest challenges

We offer a holistic set of solutions to develop the next generation of digital supply chain management for clients. Our supply chain advisors can help you drive meaningful benefits across your enterprise, whether by implementing a full-scale transformation or targeted improvements. Some of the services we offer for supply chain transformation include:

Supply chain strategy and analytics

Managing supply chains has become increasingly complex. While most companies seek to improve their operations, many do not have a qualitative framework or mechanism to decide where to start. Our supply chain strategy and analytics services help organizations create the business case, vision and roadmap for supply chain transformation.

Demand and supply, and inventory planning

We provide clients with operating models and technology backbones for demand-driven supply chains that integrate multifunctional planning processes, and efficiently balance supply and demand while gathering real-time data across transactional and planning platforms. We leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide insights, guidance, and recommendations for better decision-making.

Procurement transformation

Is your procurement function helping the business keep pace with digital disruption delivering speed, innovation, and competitive advantage? Our procurement transformation consultants' help you address the full range of foundational factors that enable procurement to strategically support the enterprise's growth and competitive objectives, including:

  • Designing strategy and implementing a robust operating model
  • Getting spending management under control
  • Improving supplier collaboration and management
  • Instituting a third-party supply chain risk management program
  • Leveraging the right technology for speed and effectiveness

Supply chain execution

We evaluate manufacturing capacity and technologies, production locations, core vs non-core products, and core capabilities vs those that can be outsourced. Our Industry 4.0 approach (i4.0) recognizes the critical importance of multidisciplinary teams to deliver transformative value. We use our hands-on industry experience to develop the i4.0 strategy and business case, improve supply chain processes, implement controls, and enable technology capabilities across your organization's enterprise manufacturing footprint.

Logistics and distribution

Using a holistic approach to analyzing end-to-end logistics and distribution processes, we help organizations design and implement logistics operating models focused on organizational structure, process architecture, technology strategy and asset optimization. We identify opportunities to enable your logistics strategy (e.g. 3PL/4PL, international logistics, global network design, reverse logistics), and adopt technology to increase logistics operations efficiencies, e.g.AI, RPA, emerging tech, warehouse management systems (WMS), and transportation management system (TMS).

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Canadian companies have been looking for ways to increase supply chain resilience, reassessing operating models and building a more responsive supply chain.The disruption in global supply chains is forcing many organizations to explore more localized operations, which reduce international vulnerabilities and provide customers with faster delivery, more personalized choices, greater flexibility and more sustainable products. To compete in the future, supply chains must be more customer-centric and supplier-centric.

A successful supply chain transformation often depends on how effectively technology is implemented to support the supply chain management strategy planning and operations. Five steps to digitize supply chains include:

  • Define what digital is
  • Start with performance, not technology
  • Concentrate on ROI
  • Cultivate your talent
  • Partner for success

KPMG specialists have extensive industry, supply chain advisory experience, and technology capabilities, to design and implement solutions that cater to your specific supply chain management risks and challenges. So, we are well-positioned to help clients optimize their supply chains. We offer an agile approach and robust transformation methods to help you unlock existing value in your enterprise, knowledge transfer, and improve your ability to achieve sustainable growth.

Convenient, flexible, transparent supply chain fulfillment will help boost your competitive advantage and blur distinctions between traditional categories that include marketing, sales, operations and manufacturing.

An effective supply chain transformation helps change the organization's focus from products and processes — just increasing operational efficiencies — to the needs of the customers who have come to expect next-day delivery, click-and-collect convenience, increased product choice and personalized service.

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