This year KPMG International worked in collaboration with The Consumer Goods Forum to create their first ever year in review report. The Consumer Goods Forum provides a way for companies to be ahead of the curve by committing to actions that make their individual businesses and the entire industry more sustainable. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, CGF members adapted quickly and leveraged their collective power to maintain their focus on the critical issues affecting both the immediate and longer-term sustainability of the industry and its stakeholders.

Strategic sustainability is at the heart of what KPMG firms do every day with colleagues and clients around the world. Recently, KPMG launched a multi-year program to accelerate global strategies for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. ESG will be the watermark running through KPMG firms; from empowering KPMG professionals to become agents of positive change, to the services that support clients and relationships with organizations like The Consumer Goods Forum. KPMG professionals have the global access, expertise, technology and relationships that gives them the ability and responsibility to use their position to provide strategies and services to overcome the challenges facing the planet and society. 

KPMG is committed to the CGF and to helping drive the Consumer & Retail sector forward — no matter how complex the challenge — with a goal of enabling a more sustainable future.

KPMG has worked alongside The Consumer Goods Forum on their 2021 review 'Collective action today, impact at scale tomorrow'. The conversations with the CGF board members were passionate and inspiring. The consumer and retail sector may face complex challenges, but KPMG is committed to help the sector forward towards a better future.

René Vader
Global Head of Consumer & Retail
KPMG International

The importance of brands, their authenticity and what they stand for will be inextricably linked to sustainability in some manner. It's no longer a case of competing to get to knowledge, it's about collaboration because the industy needs to work in a collective fashion. You don't want to multiple standards - you want consistent standards.

Wai-Chan Chan
Managing Director
The Consumer Goods Forum

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Collective action today, impact at scale tomorrow - 2021 review

KPMG working alongside The Consumer Goods Forum on their 2021 review for a sustainable future in the consumer and retail industry.

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