Today’s telecommunications services companies exist in an extremely competitive and increasingly challenging business environment. The prevalence of transformative new technologies and services, shifting mobility trends and evolving customer preferences are changing the game and raising the bar for expectations and performance.

How we can help?

At KPMG, we offer a forward looking portfolio of Audit, Tax, Risk, Financial and Strategic Advisory services provided by a national team of skilled industry professionals.

We are positioned to help our clients anticipate and exceed the customer and shareholder's evolving expectations, while more quickly adapting to business environment and regulatory changes.

We have extensive experience servicing the entire cross section of Telecom, Cable, Mobility and Cloud Services companies in Canada and around the world. We help our clients take advantage of new revenue opportunities, improve their internal efficiencies and minimize risk.

Telecom clients work with KPMG to help achieve a range of objectives including:

  • Decreasing expenses, boosting internal operational efficiencies and leveraging revenue opportunities
  • Adapting to new accounting standards, tax changes, technology and regulatory changes
  • Decreasing accounting, IT and security risks
  • Improving governance, transparency, reporting and transaction processes
  • Improving customer care, acquisitions, retention and leveraging data and analytics

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