Private equity (PE) houses are becoming more focused on managing performance in existing assets by building and preserving value. We can assist you in managing all of the companies currently in your portfolio to help ensure they are performing well and are positioned for growth. We can help you realize value from an investment while achieving a good rate of return.

The time has passed when private equity houses needed to do little more than sit on their portfolio companies, occasionally checking that they were on track and ensuring that the exit was well timed. Now the emphasis is on value enhancement and performance improvement—and you should play an active role in managing your existing assets. When you showcase a successful value-added investment portfolio, it can make it easier to source deals and raise funds. To effectively manage your portfolio, you should:

  • Avoid surprises. You should have timely and relevant management information on all of the investments in your portfolio.
  • Make the most of interventions. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the business, you should take an approach that focuses on what matters—before those matters become critical. 
  • Deliver cross portfolio benefits. As business pressures increase, you should take advantage of the opportunities available as the owner of multiple businesses .

Through interviews, workshops, and the review of performance data, our PE advisers can help you identify companies in your portfolio that should improve their performance and pinpoint the key issues to be addressed. We can also guide you and the management team through the development of a project plan encompassing the strategic, operational, or financial input required to improve performance.

Being sensitive to cultural factors that can affect the way an organization works, we can help you develop a program of change that all parties agree to and follow.

Overall, we can work with you to build and implement plans that can help you manage your portfolio more effectively on the road to realizing value. 

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