Creating & realizing value

As the industry, regulatory requirements, and business environments continue to evolve, it’s more important than ever for asset management organizations to be agile and find innovative ways to take advantage of the opportunities presented by new technologies, evolving distribution channels, and potential collaborations.

Risk & regulatory transformation

Regulators continue to increase their supervisory and monitoring resources. Our industry professionals are focused on improving compliance with changing regulatory mandates and can assist with helping to strengthen your financial reporting, corporate governance, tax compliance, audit and data analytics practices.

Operational & business transformation

Technology is reshaping the financial services landscape and how it operates. We can help transform your operating models and technology platforms by enhancing your financing structures, market research, modeling, pricing, and due diligence practices.

Customer experience & digital transformation

Customer preferences continue to shift to online channels, DIY solutions, and expectations for personalized service are increasing. We can help your business keep pace with change and build more adaptable investment portfolios, provide greater product transparency, and improve distribution with more sophisticated customer segmentation and customer targeting strategies.

KPMG & your business

With a multi-disciplinary and global team from various member firms, our professionals have worked in every aspect of the asset management sector, including traditional investment management, retail mutual funds, private equity, hedge funds and other alternative investments. We understand the issues and complexities of the market and help our clients address the challenges of today and find the opportunities of tomorrow.

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