Calgary, Canada is one of 19 KPMG Energy Centers of Excellence which are dedicated to supporting companies in the energy industry in anticipating and meeting business challenges.

Access to a broader depth of knowledge

KPMG's Centers of Excellence offer greater access to industry professionals around the globe, as you require them. Our people are backed by industry-focused methodologies and technical, web-based knowledge management frameworks that offer more support for our clients.

Delivering ideas and knowledge to support our clients

The Centers produce regular commentary on issues impacting their respective sectors, which can include surveys on the industry; commentary on the impact of business trends; changes in regulations; and knowledge services on the commercial, risk, and financial challenges facing the industry.

Support for your international acquisitions

The Centers can actively identify acquisitions, mergers, or asset opportunities and support your transactions in key locations around the world.

Coordinated services when required

We can provide coordinated services to key areas of your business, such as support with asset and company acquisitions, investments, valuations, structuring, and resource development.

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