The 2023 Global Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report developed in collaboration with Agreus Group and KPMG Family Office features insights into family office composition and compensation structures and provides much sought after benchmark data.

The report features data gathered from 625 single family office professionals across the world, including Canada, ranging from personal assistants to CEOs to Chairpersons as well as 25 interviews from family office leaders. This is referenced against primary data collected by Agreus Group over a 13-year period, including insights from 1,500 family offices globally. The report is one of the world’s largest data sets on family office compensation.

Key highlights from the report

Family offices require a distinct skill set, incomparable to almost any other working environments. After all, these are environments where it’s more than just work — it’s personal and it often makes the decision regarding compensation a product of guesswork and emotion rather than built on research or precedent.

Attracting and retaining staff is key and organizing your resources in a way that allows them to offer accountability to one another, strive for excellence and align their personal interests with your professional objectives can help drive family office success and longevity.

Size of teams   
Most family offices have fewer than
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While the number of family offices has exponentially increased, the landscape has also evolved. Family offices have matured and are no longer small, intimate entities managing the extraordinary wealth of individuals and their families. Many have become institutionalized machines equipped with exceptional professionals to match.

Macroeconomic factors including the pandemic, conflict in Eastern Europe and Brexit have played a part in encouraging family offices to consider their organizational and compensation structures.

Purpose of the family office
Employee bonuses

Family offices now have an opportunity to re-strategize their composition and compensation structures to attract, engage and retain talent. By professionalizing family wealth, embedding long-term compensation benchmarks, retaining the right talent, and decentralizing risk, family offices can thrive in yet another era of uncertainty.

I am the CFO of a founder-led and very dynamic family office, which was set up ultimately for wealth preservation and to oversee the transition of the family businesses from generation to generation. The family is highly entrepreneurial, and the CEO is one of three siblings. The parents are actively involved in the family office operations. Non-family executives get to participate in the compensation benchmarking process and there are two bases of compensation from a financial perspective — the development of business as well as profit generated from investments.

Chief Financial Officer
Single family office

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