Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

We provide our clients with the intelligence and analysis they need to mitigate and manage risks.

We provide our clients with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions.

We help clients make informed decisions, protect themselves against sanctions exposure, and tackle global compliance, reputational or political risks.

Our broad source landscape includes open and privileged-access databases as well as a network of vetted and trusted human sources across industries and jurisdictions.

Our team of analysts consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds, extensive language skills, and technical expertise. They sift through large amounts of information and distil critical insights that can make a difference in our clients' decision-making.

In all our work, we use industry-standard and time-proven intelligence collection and analysis methodologies while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality, source protection, and information security.

How can KPMG help?

The core advantages that our intelligence unit provides are coverage, access, context, and analysis: our automated, AI-enabled search and data collection technology provides unprecedented coverage of the world's publicly available sources; our access to proprietary databases and expert human sources guarantees high-quality data underlying our reports; our deep expertise provides the context to make sense of the collected information; and our analytic capabilities ensure that our reports are insightful intelligence relevant for decision-making, instead of simple collections of information.

Our considerable portfolio of intelligence services for public and private sector clients includes:

  • Integrity due diligence investigations of organizations or individuals looking for, among others, any indications of financial crime, corruption, political exposure, or sanctions through our AI-enabled technology and human source networks
  • Geopolitical risk analysis including executive briefings, scenario planning, and in-depth analyses of political, security, and regulatory risks in emerging and frontier markets
  • Intelligence for financial institutions, including collection and analysis of information relevant for Know-Your-Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and countering the financing of terrorism investigations (CFT)
  • Providing support to internal investigations or litigations in the form of collecting, collating, analyzing, and summarizing pertinent information
  • Screening and monitoring of foreign direct investments, investors, and shareholders, to identify their track record, possible motivations and intentions, and potential risks associated with them
  • Tailored open-source intelligence gathering, analysis, and monitoring for specific client projects and needs

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