KPMG is the leading Consultant in Norway for Procurement, Supply Chain and Customer Experience

KPMG is the leading Consultant in Norway for Procurement and Supply Chain

Operations helps small, medium sized and large organizations from various industries to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase compliance throughout their supply chain, from procurement tenders to customer delivery optimization. By utilizing leading methodologies and technologies we assist companies with all phases of an improvement project, from early analyzes and process improvements, to assistance in the actual implementation of measures or transformation.

Our interdisciplinary expertise within our Operations team gives us the ability to have a holistic approach and ensures lasting changes and major effects on an organizations bottom line. Read more about our services lines below.

  • Procurement Advisory: Supports clients with transforming their procurement function, implementing category management, performing procurement maturity assessments and cost reduction
  • Public Procurement​: Supports clients within the public sector throughout the procurement process and suppliers in winning their most important tenders​
  • Procurement Technology​: Supports clients in digitalizing their procurement and invoice management processes, driving cost reductions and efficiencies through implementing modern cloud-based procurement systems for sourcing (KGV), contract management (KAV), purchasing and invoice processing, with services ranging from full transformations  to system replacements.
  • Supply Chain Advisory​: Supports clients to streamline and optimize their supply chain function within supply/demand planning, network optimization, warehouse management, last mile delivery and route to market​
  • Customer Strategies: Supports clients in increasing conversion across sales channels, as well as optimizing their product and services portfolio to create the best customer experience

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