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KPMG Sweden’s Gaming Group

With joint expertise in all areas of tax KPMG Sweden’s Gaming Group helps to ensure compliance with increasing regulatory- and tax issues.

The Gaming Group helps to ensure compliance with increasing regulatory- and tax issues.

On January 1 2019, the Swedish Gambling Act and Swedish Gambling Tax Act came into force.  

The purpose of the Gambling Act is to regulate the Swedish gambling market and strengthen the protection of the players. The national gambling monopoly as before the Gambling Act has ceased, and instead the Swedish gambling market is divided into three sectors; a competitive sector mainly including online gambling and betting, a sector reserved for public purposes, and a sector reserved for the Swedish State. The rules consist of a framework and a licensing system.

KPMG Sweden's Gaming Group is comprised of experienced advisers with special insights and knowledge of the gambling industry and is part of KPMG’s wider Global Gaming Group. With joint expertise in all areas of tax, issues regarding implementation, regulations and compliance, AML, GDPR and the Swedish gambling legislation, the Gaming Group helps to ensure compliance with increasing regulatory- and tax issues.

KPMG Sweden can help with:

  • License health check – We can help you review your business and prepare for the Swedish licensing application process.

  • Compliance Services – We can assist you with a number of regulatory services including implementation, regulatory- and conduct compliance, and gap analyses to ensure compliance with the legislation in regard to AML, GDPR, and governance. We can also provide support to already existing compliance-, AML- or internal audit functions to ease your processes of getting up to speed.

  • Implementation of gamer’s framework / responsible gaming – KPMG Sweden’s Gaming Group can help identify which actions will have to be taken for the business to comply with the responsible gaming requirements detailed in the legislation, and implementation of relevant governance procedures and policies. We can also assist with stakeholder analysis to gain better insight into responsible gaming expectations and improving stakeholder dialogue. 

  • Reporting of gambling tax and application for a Swedish organization registration number – Every company liable to report gambling tax, will be required to have a Swedish organization registration number. We can help you with the application. 

  • Ongoing advice – We can help with strategic decisions and advice on how to manage upcoming legislative changes, and key issues such as compliance and reputational risks. KPMG Sweden can also provide advice in relation to corporate tax, VAT and Transfer Pricing issues and act as your sounding board regarding challenges and opportunities specific for the industry.

You can find more information on the gambling regulation in our LegalNews, see below, and in our report (PDF 213 KB)


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