Global Mobility Outsourcing - makes your work easier

There are many reasons for moving your employees from one location to another. No matter if the aim is to secure the right competence or transfer knowledge, it is important to give your employee a smooth transition and a good experience. Specific policies, processes and support are needed to do this, to handle what is usually quite a small part of the workforce in a company.

KPMG’s Global Mobility Outsourcing team can offer you and your employees these specific processes and support. Whether you are moving employees to a local employment abroad or sending them on international assignments, we can handle the complete process for you. We support you and your employee with compliance to laws and legislation as well as making sure the employee gets the support needed for all practical items, including relocation services, to ensure a smooth transition to the new location. 

Our approach to outsourcing the global mobility function revolves around one core principle: To make your work easier and take the administrative burden away from you. 

How does it work?

Clear process

When you contact us to let us know your employee is moving, we assess the services needed, based on your policy, process, and the individual. In the planning phase we can support you with cost, tax and net salary calculations, contract creation and advice on policy related questions. When we have agreed on the needed services, we initiate all the needed services, including the relocation services to make sure the employee is also given the practical support needed, such as home search, school arrangements and shipment of personal belongings.


When making an international move all steps in the process are interlinked and insight and overview are needed. Coordination is therefore key to successful relocation. We are involved in every step with all stakeholders and service providers, monitoring the progress, supported by technology. We offer you a Single Point of Contact for all processes involved in the move.

Communication and transparency

We will keep in close contact with the employee, as well as with you. We believe in frequent and honest communication, keeping you updated on the progress. Some parts of the process, where we rely on authorities to provide decisions or information, cannot be influenced by KPMG but we can make sure you know if there are any issues or delays.

Care about the individual

We have many years of experience in providing support to employees who are moving abroad, and we know that it is important to provide personal support. For the move to be a positive experience and the assignment abroad successful, we continuously provide the employee with information, listen to and answer their questions, and keep in close contact throughout the process.

We are your one-stop-shop for any cross-border move of your employees



Louise Hemmestad

Louise Hemmestad 
Global Mobility Outsourcing Lead
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Magdalena Göbel

Magdalena Göbel
Global Mobility Outsourcing
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