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In a globalized world, employers face new demands. Experts and highly qualified workforce are recruited globally, and for individuals outside the EU, work permits are required. Processing times can be lengthy, and communication with the responsible authority can be both time-consuming and complex. We understand the importance of quickly getting expertise in place to avoid unnecessary delays in projects or business plans.

With our extensive experience and expertise, KPMG can offer flexibility and security in work permit applications. Our clients can significantly expedite the processing of work permit applications. The Migration Agency prioritizes cases that are complete at the time of application and aims to make decisions within 30 days for qualified labor. We guide you through the entire process, ensuring that applications are complete when submitted, so that you can get the expertise in place as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Immigration services

KPMG can help you with immigration services such as

  • Application for work and residence permit
  • Residence permit for family members
  • ICT permit 
  • Blue card
  • Workshops
  • Review of work permits
  • Registration with the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Registration with the Swedish Tax Agency for migration purposes
  • Advice on requirements for international employees 

Global presence

Through KPMG's international network, we offer efficient handling of visas, work and residence permits globally. As employees travels in many countries, numerous regulations are relevant prior and during a business engagement. Employers are obligated to ensure that regulations are complied with in many jurisdictions at the same time. Through advanced technical solutions KPMG can offer tools to companies that need to be constantly updated on current regulations in a global world.

Through our connection to our colleagues around the world that works with tax and social security, we can offer complete solutions that concern all aspects of employees in an international environment.

Feel free to contact us to hear more about how our experts can help you in the best way.

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