At the end of May 2024, the Swedish Migration Agency is launching a pilot service for digital passport control. The E-service Digital Passport Check has been introduced to facilitate the application process for students and workers applying for residence permits in Sweden. Currently, all individuals applying for a residence permit in Sweden must present their passport in original at a Swedish mission abroad before the permit can be granted. With the introduction of a digital passport control service, applicants who have submitted their application via the Migration Agency's e-service will receive an automatic email containing a personal link to the e-service where the check can be performed within a few days after submitting the application.

Freja eID Group AB is used to perform the passport control, which functions as an e-identification. After downloading the app, the applicant can scan their passport and perform facial recognition to identify themselves. Other Swedish authorities will also be able to rely on the identification during the application process. After the applicant arrives in Sweden and receives a Swedish personal or coordination number, the identification can be updated to a full Swedish e-identification.

The pilot covers 23 countries whose citizens do not require a visa to travel to Sweden, and the service is expected to cover approximately 19 000 workers and 5 000 students. The offer of digital passport control applies to those who have applied for a residence permit for studies or work in 2024 and have not yet presented their passports.

Countries not covered by the digital passport control will continue to perform passport control at a Swedish foreign mission, or at the Migration Agency for applicants who are in Sweden.

The following nationalities are included in the pilot: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more at the Migration Agency’s website, in Swedish Arbetstagare och studenter kan visa pass för Migrationsverket i mobiltelefonen.

KPMG's comment

KPMG welcomes the introduction of digital passport control as an important step in facilitating the application process for the applicants. Current regulations require a passport control at a Swedish mission abroad or at the Migration Agency and can be both expensive and time-consuming for applicants who need to travel a long distance to perform the passport control. KPMG hopes for a successful pilot project that can eventually lead to more countries and more permit grounds being included in the digital e-service.

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