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06/08/2023: United States – New PERM Application Process Effective June 1  

06/08/2023: Canada – 13 Countries Added to Electronic Travel Authorization Program

05/25/2023: United Kingdom – Rises in Salary Thresholds for Sponsored Workers

05/25/2023: United Kingdom – Restrictions on Student Visas Announced

05/25/2023: United States – June 2023 Visa Bulletin

05/23/2023: Czech Republic – Prohibition of Entry for Russian, Belarussian Nationals Extended

05/23/2023: Sweden - New Work-Permit Application Process

05/18/2023: Czech Republic – Opening of Visa Centre at General Consulate in Dresden

05/17/2023: Singapore – Updates on COMPASS Framework and S Pass/Work Permit Medical Insurance

05/16/2023: South Africa – Document Requirements: Temporary Residence Visas, Permanent Residence Applications

05/16/2023: South Africa – Addressing Backlog of Waiver Applications and Temporary Residence Visas

05/15/2023: Malaysia – Extension of e-VISA Facility in Singapore

05/12/2023: Australia – Highlights of Federal Budget 2023-24

05/04/2023: Philippines – Full Implementation of the eTravel System

05/04/2023: United States – Lifting COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement on May 12

05/04/2023: Czech Republic – Secondary Migration and Some Relief for Temporary Protection Holders

05/02/2023: Sweden – New Rules for EU Blue Card  

05/01/2023: Australia – What Australia’s Migration Shake-up Means for Attracting Talent

04/14/2023: Ireland – Travel Instructions for Visa-Required Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection

04/13/2023: Italy – Entry Flows and New Rules for Working and Residing in Italy

04/07/2023: European Union – Digitalisation of Visa Procedures  

04/06/2023: Canada – Changes to Prohibition on Non-Canadians Purchasing Homes

04/05/2023: United States – Consular Fee Increase Effective May 30, 2023

03/30/2023: United States – FY 2024 H-1B Cap Lottery Developments; Petition Filing from April 1

03/30/2023: Singapore – New Education Verification Requirement for Employment Pass Applications/Renewals

03/27/2023: Australia – Government Announces Significant Reforms to Immigration Regime

03/23/2023: Chile – Longer Validity for Special Work Permits for Tourists

03/20/2023: People’s Republic of China - Resuming Entry Procedures, Visa Applications

03/16/2023: United States – COVID-19: Negative Test/Recovery Requirement Eliminated for China

03/14/2023: Croatia – Extension of Temporary Protection of Displaced Persons from Ukraine

03/07/2023: Switzerland – Relaxing Rules for Non-EU/EFTA Nationals in Skills Shortage Occupations

03/03/2023: Ireland – Extension of Temporary Protection for Ukrainian Nationals

03/01/2023: Malaysia – Improvements and Enhancements to Immigration Processes

03/01/2023: Finland – Changes to Aliens Act

02/22/2023: United States – March 2023 Visa Bulletin

02/17/2023: United States – USCIS Updates Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Age Calculation

02/16/2023: Bulgaria – Rules Amended Concerning Labour Mobility and Obtaining an EU Blue Card 

02/15/2023: Ireland – Closure of Immigrant Investor Programme

02/10/2023: Croatia – Now a Member of the Schengen Area

02/09/2023: Spain – Immigration Outlook 2023

02/01/2023: United States – FY 2024 H-1B Cap Lottery Registration Opens March 1

02/01/2023: People’s Republic of China – Immigration/Travel Reminders During New Year Holiday

01/31/2023: Germany – Overview of Important New Tax, Immigration, and Employment Law Rules

01/31/2023: Czech Republic – Temporary Protection for Ukrainians Extended on Registration

01/31/2023: United States – USCIS Settlement with Spouses of H-1B and L-1 Workers

01/30/2023: United States – Update on USCIS’ COVID-19 Flexibilities on RFEs, NOIDs, Others

01/24/2023: European Union – Delays for Automation of European Digitised Border-Crossing Systems

01/23/2023: Spain – Teleworking (Digital Nomad) Visa Makes Its Official Debut

01/20/2023: Hong Kong – Highlights of the Top Talent Pass Scheme

01/20/2023: Lithuania – Employment Regulation Relief for Foreign Nationals

01/19/2023: Thailand – COVID-19: Fully-Re-open Entry Policies for Travelers to Be Maintained

01/19/2023: Belgium – Increase in Administrative Fee Starting 1 January

01/17/2023: United States – USCIS Announces Next Phase of Premium Processing Expansions

01/17/2023: India – E-Visa Available for Nationals of U.K., Canada, and Others

01/13/2023: Ireland – Changes to Atypical Working Scheme

01/10/2023: Finland – Updates to Several Residence Permit Types

01/06/2023: United States – COVID-19: Negative Test Requirement for Travelers from China

12/23/2022: Canada – Prohibiting Non-Canadians from Purchasing Homes

12/23/2022: Canada – Global Talent Stream: Updated Occupations List

12/14/2022: Ireland – Initiative to Facilitate International Travel during Christmas Period

12/09/2022: Canada – Temporary Increase in Work Hours for International Students

12/02/2022: Switzerland – Services Mobility Agreement with U.K. Extended through 2025

11/30/2022: Czech Republic – Extension to March 2024 of Temporary Protections for Ukrainians  

11/21/2022: Vietnam – New Immigration Practices Affecting Foreign Labour in Vietnam

11/18/2022: United States – December 2022 Visa Bulletin

11/17/2022: Ireland – Re-Entry Visa Requirements Suspension for Minors under 16 Continues

11/15/2022: Canada – New National Occupation Classification System

11/04/2022: United States – ACICS-Accredited Institutions No Longer Recognized for U.S. Immigration

11/04/2022: Ireland – Revisions to Employment Permit System in New Bill

10/27/2022: Argentina – “Grandsons Law” Offers New Opportunities for Obtaining Spanish Citizenship

10/19/2022: Belgium – Flemish, Brussels, and Walloon Authorities Set New 2023 Minimum Salary Criteria

10/17/2022: United States – November 2022 Visa Bulletin

10/17/2022: Latvia – Digital Nomad Visa Introduced, Applications Being Accepted

10/13/2022: Taiwan – COVID-19: Latest Regulations Mean No Quarantine for Business Travelers

10/07/2022: Japan – Entry Restrictions Removed from 11 October

10/07/2022: Malaysia – New Category of Work Pass and ‘Digital Nomad’-Type Visa

10/05/2022: Hong Kong – COVID-19: Inbound Traveller Requirements Relaxed

10/04/2022: Finland – Changes for Tourist Visas from Russia; Issuance of Tourist Visas Stopped

10/03/2022: Canada – Presenting: Digital Nomad and Remote Work Visa Options Interactive Map

09/23/2022: Finland – Further Restrictions on Tourism from Russia to Finland Planned

09/16/2022: Brazil – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Eased for All Travelers

09/15/2022: South Africa – Home Affairs Reverses Recently-Changed Position on Visa Adjudication

09/15/2022: United States – New Public Charge Rule

09/14/2022: United States – October 2022 Visa Bulletin and USCIS Declaration

09/13/2022: Singapore – New ONE Pass and Other Key Immigration Enhancements

09/07/2022: Japan - Entry Requirements Eased from 7 September

08/29/2022: Argentina – Government Updates Requirements for Entering Argentina

08/29/2022: Finland – Tourist Visas from Russia Limited, New Humanitarian Visa Proposed

08/29/2022: Czech Republic – Amendment to Lex Ukraine Tightens Temporary Protection Conditions

08/26/2022: People’s Republic of China - Recent Immigration Developments

08/25/2022: United States – FY 2023 H-1B Regular Cap and Master’s Cap Met

08/03/2022: Colombia – Digital Nomad Visa Introduced, Processing Time Increased

07/28/2022: United States – USCIS Extends COVID-19 Flexibility on RFEs, NOIDs, Others

07/28/2022: Romania – Release of “KPMG Guide to the Posting of Workers” (7th Edition)  

07/19/2022: United States – August 2022 Visa Bulletin

07/13/2022: Brazil – New Identity Card and Passport Models

07/13/2022: People’s Republic of China – COVID-19: Eased Travel Restrictions, Quarantine Requirements 

06/28/2022: Canada – Underused Housing Tax Obligations and Interplay with Provincial, Local Taxes

06/28/2022: Belgium – Mandatory Integration Programme for Brussels Region As of 1 June 2022

06/24/2022: Thailand – Long-Term Resident Visa for ’High-Potential’ Foreign Nationals

06/23/2022: People’s Republic of China – Cancellation of the Invitation Letter Requirement

06/22/2022: Ireland – Suspension of Re-Entry Visa Requirements for Minors under 16

06/21/2022: Finland – Changes for Residence Permits for Researchers and Students

06/17/2022: Canada – Suspension of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate & Randomized Testing 

06/17/2022: European Union – Update on COVID-19 Digital Certificate

06/17/2022: United States – July 2022 Visa Bulletin

06/16/2022: Finland – Introducing D Visa and Fast Track Processing for Specialists, Start-Up Entrepreneurs

06/15/2022: South Africa – Visa Process Centralised in Head Office

06/13/2022: United States – Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement Lifted for Entry by Air

06/09/2022: People’s Republic of China – COVID-19: Immigration Policy Updates

06/06/2022: Italy – COVID-19: Removal of Restrictions for Those Entering or Returning to Italy

05/25/2022: Ireland – COVID-19: No Further Extensions to Residence Permissions

05/23/2022: Chile – New Decree Provides Implementation Guidance on Immigration Reforms

05/20/2022: Taiwan – COVID-19: Shortened Quarantine Days for Business Travelers

05/18/2022: United States – June 2022 Visa Bulletin

05/12/2022: Argentina – Digital Nomad Visa Announced

05/05/2022: United States – Automatic Employment Authorization Extensions up to 540 Days

05/02/2022: Italy –Immigration Procedure for Digital Nomads Introduced

04/27/2022: United States – Uniting for Ukraine: New Program Welcomes Ukrainian Citizens

04/25/2022: United States – Temporary Protected Status for Ukraine, Sudan; Their Students Can Work

04/25/2022: Canada – New Immigration Measures to Address Labour Shortage

04/22/2022: Czech Republic – Measures for Ukrainian Refugees (Immigration, Education, Social Security)

04/20/2022: Chile – COVID-19: Entry Requirements Updated

04/19/2022: United States – May 2022 Visa Bulletin

04/13/2022: Argentina – COVID-19: Entry Requirements Updated

04/11/2022: Brazil – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Eased  and Immigration Deadlines Extended

04/07/2022: Ghana – COVID-19: Easing of Travel and Other Restrictions

04/06/2022: Canada –Temporary Foreign Worker Program Workforce Solutions Road Map Introduced

04/01/2022: United States – USCIS to Expand Premium Processing Program in Phases

03/30/2022: Philippines – COVID-19: Updates to Entry Protocols and Travel Ban

03/29/2022: Taiwan – COVID-19: Easing Border Controls for Business Travelers

03/24/2022: France – Entry Measures and Temporary Protection for People Fleeing from Ukraine

03/22/2022: Canada – New Entry Measures for Ukrainians

03/21/2022: Vietnam – Immigration and Quarantine Policies Updated 15 March 2022

03/18/2022: Finland –Temporary Protection for People Fleeing from Ukraine

03/18/2022: Spain – Measures for Refugees from Ukraine

03/18/2022: United States – April 2022 Visa Bulletin

03/17/2022: Canada – Government to End Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing

03/16/2022: Poland – Legislation Just Approved Offers Relief/Integration Measures for Ukrainians

03/15/2022: Malaysia – COVID-19: Re-Opening Borders

03/15/2022: Singapore – Significant Changes for Work Pass Framework

03/11/2022: Romania – Measures Adopted to Ease Ukrainians’ Access to Labour Market

03/10/2022: United States – New U.S. Immigration Measures for Ukrainians Due to War

03/09/2022: European Union – Measures for Refugees from Ukraine; Steps by Spain

03/09/2022: Belgium – Entry and Stay Measures for Ukrainian Refugees

03/08/2022: Ireland - COVID-19: Lifting of Remaining Entry Requirements

03/08/2022: Lithuania – New Measures for Ukrainians Fleeing Conflict

03/07/2022: Brazil – New Visa for Ukrainian Nationals

03/04/2022: SPECIAL EDITION – Countries Move to Facilitate Migration from Ukraine Due to War

03/02/2022: Czech Republic – Entry and Stay Measures for Ukrainians

03/01/2022: Japan – COVID-19: Easing Border Controls, Travel Restrictions from 1 March

02/23/2022: Chile – Reform of Chile’s Immigration Laws

02/22/2022: United States – March 2022 Visa Bulletin

02/21/2022: Czech Republic – Relocating Foreign Workers Comes Under Stricter Rules and Scrutiny 

02/16/2022: Canada – Antigen Tests Accepted for Pre-Arrival Testing

02/15/2022: South Africa – New Critical Skills List Published

02/11/2022: Brazil – Global Entry Access for Brazilians to U.S.

02/10/2022: United States – Annotating Form I-94 for L-2, E Spouse Work Authorization Begins

02/08/2022: Thailand – “Test & Go” Scheme Resumed 1 February 2022

02/04/2022: Philippines – COVID-19: Changes to Entry Protocols and Travel Ban

02/02/2022: Canada – Measures Announced to Improve Client Experience, Modernize Immigration System

02/02/2022: Romania – Six-Month Digital Nomad Visa Introduced

02/02/2022: Vietnam – New Entry and Quarantine Rules in 2022

02/01/2022: United States – STEM-Based Non-Immigrant, Immigrant Visa Eligibility Expanded and Updated

02/01/2022: United States – FY 2023 H-1B Cap Lottery Registration Opens March 1

01/28/2022: Argentina - Requirements for Entering the Country Updated

01/28/2022: Malaysia – Simplifying Entry and Endorsement of Passes for Expatriates

01/27/2022: Brazil – Digital Nomad Temporary Visa / Residence Permit Implemented

01/24/2022: Brazil – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions for Southern African Nations Lifted

01/21/2022: Singapore – COVID-19: Mandatory Vaccination for Pass Holders, Permanent Residents

01/20/2022: Mexico - Visitor Visas to Be Required of Venezuelan Nationals from January 21

01/20/2022: Mexico - Visas Required for Brazilian Nationals Temporarily

01/19/2022: United States – February 2022 Visa Bulletin

01/05/2022: United States – Biden Administration Removes Travel Ban on Southern African Nations

01/05/2022: United States –Nonimmigrant Visa Interview Waiver Expanded, Extended Through 2022

12/23/2021: European Union – New Entry/Exit System to Be Implemented for Non-EU Travellers

12/22/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Temporary Extension of Irish Residence Permissions to 31 May 2022

12/21/2021: Italy – COVID-19: Reinforcement of Current Measures until 31 January 2022

12/20/2021: European Union – ECJ Decides on Free Movement of LGBTQ Families

12/20/2021: United States – January 2022 Visa Bulletin

12/20/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Vaccination Certificate Now Required

12/17/2021: France – COVID-19: Modifications to Travel Restrictions, Including U.K.

12/10/2021: Spain –Travel Restrictions Extended Except for Vaccinated Travellers

12/07/2021: France – COVID-19: Modifications to Travel Restrictions

12/03/2021: United States – Stricter Testing Requirements for All U.S.-Bound Travelers

12/03/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Introduced for Southern African Nations

12/03/2021: Russia – Mandatory Fingerprint Registration and Medical Examination of Foreign Nationals

12/03/2021: Canada – Enhanced Border Measures for New Coronavirus Variant

12/02/2021: Japan – COVID-19: Re-Shutting of Borders for One Month Due to Omicron Variant

12/01/2021: United States – Omicron Variant Spurs Travel Ban on Southern African Nations

11/30/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: New Visa Requirements for Individuals Coming from Specified Countries

11/30/2021: Belgium – New Travel Ban on Individuals Coming from Very High-Risk Countries

11/24/2021: Australia – Border and Travel Restrictions Eased

11/23/2021: United States – Third H-1B Lottery Conducted for FY2022

11/23/2021: Canada – Changes to Border Measures

11/23/2021: People’s Republic of China – Loosening Foreign Entry Visa, Residence Permit Suspension

11/22/2021: Spain – New Procedures for Work Permits in Cinema Industry

11/22/2021: United States – December 2021 Visa Bulletin

11/18/2021: United States – USCIS Policy Changes for Spouse Work Authorization

11/16/2021: Ireland – Immigration Rules on (Re)Entry into Ireland over Christmas Period

11/12/2021: Japan – Borders Re-opened Partially, Easing of Quarantine Measures

11/11/2021: Thailand – No More Quarantine for Foreign Nationals Entering by Air

11/03/2021: Ireland – Resumption of Short-Stay Visa Waiver Programme

11/03/2021: Argentina – Government Decides to Cautiously Open Borders

11/03/2021: Canada – Mandatory Vaccine Requirements for Outbound Travel from Canada

10/28/2021: United States – Biden Administration Plan on Resuming Safe Global Travel

10/26/2021: European Union – Report on COVID-19 Certificates

10/20/2021: Thailand – Changes in Visas and Quarantine Periods for Entry into Thailand

10/20/2021: United States – November 2021 Visa Bulletin

10/19/2021: Belgium – Flemish and Brussels Authorities Set New 2022 Minimum Salary Criteria

10/15/2021: United States –Lifting Travel Restrictions at Land Borders  in November 2021

10/12/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: No More Travel Ban, Antigen Test Now Allowed

10/07/2021: Canada – Changes to Bridging Open Work Permit Applications

10/07/2021: Finland – Changes to Posted Worker Reporting Effective 1 October

10/05/2021: Chile – COVID-19: Borders Reopened, New Consular Visa Rules

10/05/2021: Vietnam – Resolution No. 105 Affecting Foreign Labour in Vietnam

10/04/2021: Japan – Arrivals with Vaccination Certificate

09/28/2021: United States – Lifting COVID-19 Travel Restrictions by November

09/24/2021: Canada - COVID-19: Direct Flights from India to Resume September 26

09/23/2021: European Union – Update, COVID-19 Certificates from Non-EU Countries

09/22/2021: United States – Federal Court Invalidates Wage-Based H-1B Lottery Rule

09/17/2021: Greece – Digital Nomad Visa Provisions Introduced in Immigration Legislation

09/16/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Temporary Extension of Irish Residence Permission

09/16/2021: United States – October 2021 Visa Bulletin; COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

09/16/2021: Italy – COVID-19: Easing Restrictions, EU / Non-EU COVID Certificates on Vaccinations

09/14/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Lifting of Short-Stay Visa Restrictions from 13 September

09/14/2021: South Africa – Concessions to Certain Holders of Intra-Company Transfer Work

09/08/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: New Entry Rules for Foreign Workers and Lifting of Travel Ban

09/03/2021: Thailand – Recommencing Visa Issuance and Certificates of Entry in Certain Cases

09/02/2021: Uruguay – Updated Travel Restrictions Imposed Due to COVID-19

08/31/2021: European Union – COVID-19 Certificates from Non-EU Countries

08/31/2021: Czech Republic – Changes to Regulation of Foreign Nationals’ Residence

08/30/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Immigration Deadlines Extended until March 2022

08/23/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Till September 21

08/18/2021: United States – September 2021 Visa Bulletin, Medical Report Validity Extension

08/18/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Travel Ban Extension

08/13/2021: Canada – Direct Flights from India Suspended until September 21, 2021

08/10/2021: Argentina – Government Extends Some COVID-19 Measures, Loosens Others

08/04/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Quarantine Restrictions Updated and Travel Ban Extended

08/02/2021: Belgium – More Updates for List of High-Risk Countries

08/02/2021: United States – Second H-1B Lottery Conducted for FY2022

07/27/2021: Belgium – List of High-Risk Countries Gets Updated Again

07/27/2021: Canada – Borders Re-open to Fully-Vaccinated Travellers

07/22/2021: Belgium – Latest Update on List of High-Risk Countries

07/22/2021: United Kingdom – Latest Immigration Updates

07/15/2021: United States – DOL’s Wage Rule Vacated; Other H-1B Changes Remain Pending

07/15/2021: Chile – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Extended

07/13/2021: Belgium – Latest Update on List of High-Risk Countries

07/13/2021: Argentina – Another Extension for Administrative Decisions to Fight COVID-19

07/13/2021: Spain – Express Work Permits for Cinema Industry

07/01/2021: Spain – Extension of Travel Restrictions to 31 July

07/01/2021: Belgium – Further Restrictions for Individuals Coming from 27 High-Risk Countries

06/30/2021: Chile – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Extended

06/29/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Till July 21

06/29/2021: Argentina – Government Extends Administrative Decisions to Fight COVID-19

06/28/2021: European Union – COVID-19 Digital Certificate

06/25/2021: United States – July 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

06/24/2021: Canada: COVID-19: Easing Border Measures for Fully-Vaccinated Travellers

06/23/2021: Germany – Some Easing of Travel Restrictions for U.S., Other Countries’ Travellers

06/22/2021: Ireland – COVID-19: Visa Restrictions Lifted for South African, South American Travellers

06/18/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Extension of Travel Restrictions

06/17/2021: India – If Stranded in India, Foreign Nationals’ Visas Extended until 31 August

06/17/2021: Singapore – Updates on Work Arrangements for Dependents

06/15/2021: Argentina – Extension of Administrative Decisions to Fight COVID-19

06/14/2021: Finland – COVID-19: Some Travel Restrictions Eased

06/11/2021: Belgium – Increase of Immigration Office Administrative Fee

06/11/2021: Belgium – Introduction of “EU” and “EU+” Cards

06/10/2021: France – COVID-19: Modifications to Travel Restrictions

06/10/2021: Chile – COVID-19: New Immigration Legislation, Travel Restrictions Extended

06/09/2021: Spain – Extension of Travel Restrictions with Exception for Vaccinated Travellers

06/09/2021: Canada – Changes Proposed to Charter on French Language in Québec

06/08/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: All Long-Stay Visas and Pre-clearance Applications Being Accepted

06/04/2021: Romania – Digital Nomad Visa Could Soon Be Adopted

06/03/2021: Canada – Federal Court Rules on Cancellation of NEXUS Memberships

06/01/2021: United States – COVID-19: Form I-9 Compliance Flexibility Extended to August 31

05/28/2021: European Union – EU Citizens Win Case About Data Protection/Access in U.K.

05/27/2021: Argentina – Administrative Decisions Responding to COVID-19 Spread

05/27/2021: United States – TPS Designation for Haiti, Burma; Burmese Students Can Work

05/27/2021: United States – June 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

05/26/2021: Germany – Travel Ban Extended for India, Brazil, South Africa, U.K./Northern Ireland

05/26/2021: European Union – Automation of Border Checks and the Implications 

05/25/2021: Australia – Federal Budget and Immigration Updates

05/24/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: India Included on Travel Ban List

05/24/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Changes to Emergency/Priority Visa Processing

05/18/2021: Malaysia – Restrictions on Travel from Some Countries in South Asia

05/17/2021: United States – DOL’s Minimum Wage Increase Regulation Delayed

05/13/2021: Fiji – COVID-19: Lockdowns, Filing Deadlines, New Employer FNPF Obligations

05/12/2021: Thailand – Original Quarantine Reinstated, Travel Ban Extended to More Countries

05/11/2021: Italy – Enhancing Mobility, Extending Residence Permits, Restricting Travel from India

05/10/2021: Ireland – COVID-19: Further Temporary Suspension of Visa Applications

05/07/2021: Philippines – Lifting of Expanded Travel Bans, Restrictions for Certain Travelers

05/07/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Until May 21

05/06/2021: Belgium – The ‘Working in Belgium’ One-Stop-Shop for Foreign Employment

05/05/2021: United States – USCIS to Suspend Biometrics for Certain I-539 Applicants

05/04/2021: European Union – EU-U.K. Agreement Ratified

05/04/2021: United States – India Added to COVID-19 Travel Ban

05/03/2021: Germany – Travel Ban Extended for India, Brazil, South Africa

04/30/2021: Ireland – COVID-19: Mandatory Hotel Quarantine

04/30/2021: Canada – New Permanent Residence Pathways for Essential Workers and International Graduates

04/29/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Temporary Extension of Irish Residence Permission

04/28/2021: France – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions to Enter France Reinforced

04/27/2021: Germany – Government Introduces a Travel Ban on Persons Travelling from India

04/26/2021: United States – May 2021 Visa Bulletin, “Chats with Charlie”

04/22/2021: Czech Republic – 2021 Population Census Is Underway, Affects Assignees

04/20/2021: Spain – COVID-19: Extension of Travel Restrictions to 30 April

04/19/2021: Argentina – COVID-19: Buenos Aires Lockdown, Strict Prevention Measures

04/16/2021: Nigeria – Expatriates Required to Prove Payment of Tax for Permits Renewals

04/13/2021: Thailand – Updated COVID-19 Entry and Quarantine Procedures

04/08/2021: India – Modifications to Overseas Citizenship of India Scheme

04/08/2021: Belgium – COVID-19: France, Germany Mutual Arrangements Extended

04/07/2021: Chile – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Imposed

04/07/2021: South Africa – COVID-19: Extension of Visa Concessions for Foreign Nationals 

04/02/2021: Chile – COVID-19: Revised Entry Measures

04/01/2021: Canada – Express Entry and Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Updates

04/01/2021: United States – FY2022 H-1B Cap Lottery Developments; Petition Filing from April 1

03/30/2021: United States – Summary of Recent Immigration Developments

03/25/2021: United States – Syria Temporary Protected Status Extended and Redesignated

03/25/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Immigration Deadlines Extended until September 2021

03/24/2021: United States – April 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

03/22/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Temporary Travel Restrictions

03/17/2021: United States – DHS Public Charge Rule Rescinded

03/16/2021: Singapore – Rules Changing for Dependant Pass Holders Working in Singapore

03/15/2021: Canada – New Immigration Pathway for Hong Kong Residents

03/11/2021: Italy – Mobility across Regions and Countries Still Limited, Measures Extended

03/08/2021: Spain – COVID-19: Extension of Travel Restrictions

03/01/2021: Argentina – Quarantine in Buenos Aires and Travel Restrictions Extended

03/01/2021: Belgium – Updates on Flemish Immigration Policy

03/01/2021: United States – March 2021 Visa Bulletin Published, Immigrant Visa Ban Lifted

02/26/2021: United States – Premium Processing Service Now Available for E-3 Petitions

02/26/2021: Argentina – COVID-19: Another Extension for Residency Deadlines

02/26/2021: Finland – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions on Finland’s Borders Extended

02/25/2021: United States – Immigration Bill in Congress, Reforms Planned

02/25/2021: Spain – Extension of Travel Restrictions, Immigration Procedures for British Citizens

02/24/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Till March 21

02/23/2021: Canada – New COVID-19 Testing and Hotel Quarantine Requirements

02/23/2021: South Africa – Draft Critical Skills List Published for Public Comments

02/18/2021: Russia – Entry for Highly-Qualified Specialists, Citizens of the EAEU

02/16/2021: Canada – Invites 27,332 Candidates to Apply for Permanent Residence

02/12/2021: France – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions to Enter France Reinforced

02/08/2021: Ghana – COVID-19: Update on Travel Policies and Restrictions on Social Activities

02/08/2021: Canada – Increased Measures Announced for International Travellers

02/08/2021: United States – DHS Delays Effective Date of H-1B Selection Final Rule

02/08/2021: Chile – Extensions of ID Cards and Venezuelan Passports

02/05/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions Extended to South Africa

02/04/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Lifting of Expanded Travel Ban

02/03/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Temporary Suspension of Visa Applications

02/02/2021: Argentina – Buenos Aires Lockdown Extension

02/01/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: New Visa Requirements for South Africa, South American Countries

01/28/2021: Finland – COVID-19: Travel across Finland’s Borders Further Tightened

01/26/2021: United States – February 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

01/26/2021: United States – COVID-19 Travel Bans Reinstated, South Africa Added

01/22/2021: United States - Summary of President Biden’s Immigration Actions So Far

01/21/2021: Belgium – COVID-19: Pre-Tracing of Foreign Workers Update

01/20/2021: Argentina – COVID-19: Government Again Extends Residency Deadline

01/20/2021: Italy – State of Emergency Extended through April, Travel Restrictions Continue

01/19/2021: United States – Some COVID-19 Travel Bans to Be Lifted, Reversal Likely

01/19/2021: United States – Canada & Mexico Border Restrictions Extended Through February 21 

01/19/2021: Belgium – Brexit: Further Updates on Immigration

01/19/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Expanded Travel Restrictions

01/15/2021: United States – New Pre-Departure Requirement for Air Travel to the U.S.

01/15/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Flight Crew-Members Exempt from Presenting RT-PCR Tests

01/15/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Pre-Departure Testing Requirements for Arriving Passengers

01/15/2021: Canada – New Work Permit Being Offered to Retain International Students in Canada

01/15/2021: United States – Revised Rule Raises Prevailing Wages

01/13/2021: Croatia - Brexit: Rules Applying to U.K. Citizens Residing in Croatia

01/13/2021: Vietnam – New Labour Regulations on Work Permits for Foreign Workers

01/13/2021: Malaysia – Changes to Employment Pass for Expatriates

01/13/2021: Vietnam – COVID-19: Restrictions for Travellers from U.K. and South Africa

01/12/2021: Belgium – Brexit: New Update on Immigration Impact

01/12/2021: United States – DHS Publishes Final Rule Amending H-1B Lottery Selection Process

01/08/2021: Canada – New Pre-Departure COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Travellers to Canada

01/08/2021: Ireland - COVID-19: Requirements for Travellers from Great Britain, South Africa

01/07/2021: Philippines – COVID-19: Expanded Travel Restrictions

01/05/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: U.K. Travel Restrictions, RT-PCR Tests Detailed 

01/05/2021: United States – Entry Bans Extended through March 31  

01/05/2021: Argentina – Buenos Aires Lockdown Extended, Certain Inbound Flights Banned

01/04/2021: France – COVID-19: Travel Restrictions, New Limitations on U.K. Travellers

01/04/2021: United States – January 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

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