Global Payroll Services - we will help you with your payroll operations

Payroll is a sensitive area. Salaries needs to be paid in a timely manner and correctly, but at the same time the requirements are getting more and more complex. This calls for swift and flexible action; time and know-how are needed. We can help you with these tasks by providing an outsourcing package which is specially adapted to your company’s needs – so that you can focus on your core business. 

What are the greatest challenges?

  • Implementation of new provisions and legislation in the areas of social security, tax and employment law.
  • The globalization of employment, cross-border workers, the opening-up of the labor markets and the impact of international agreements.
  • Complying with internal and external requirements with regards to quality, processes and checks.


  • Assistance by KPMG experts who are up to date on new legislations and regulations.
  • Professionally managed substitution during staff absences.
  • Confidentiality maintained, which is crucial especially in the area of executive salaries.
  • No infrastructure or training costs are incurred.
  •  Access to multidisciplinary KPMG network, both at local and international level.
  • Our technology tools deliver data tailored to your specific needs in a timely manner.

How can we support you?

We can help you with the following activities:

  • Setting up your payroll accounting in our system, based on your individual requirements. 
  • Coordinating international payroll services in all countries where you operate, using our Global KPMG technology to facilitate a global process of handling your payroll operations. 
  • Monthly processing of the salaries, processing of special payments (such as bonus), preparing the payment file, sending the salary statements directly to the employees (electronically).·
  • Preparing and filing the periodic source tax declarations.
  • Calculation of gross-ups for net salary agreements.
  • Determining where foreign employees or multi-state workers are subject to social security and taxes, calculation of salaries considering the working days in Sweden and abroad. 
  • Employer registration of foreign legal entities in Sweden.

Your challenges and our support

Our services are flexible and tailored to your needs. We offer customized solutions based on the best practice applicable.

What to consider

  • Do you need additional advice on how to handle specific compensation in your payroll?
  • Do you need access to specific know-how and expertise on social security insurance and withholding tax (national and international)?
  • How can you correct the payroll if some compensation or benefits in kind are missing?
  • Is payroll non-compliance a concern?
  • What are the employer’s obligations for payroll?
  • How do you resolve the issue if foreign employees are not affiliated to the withholding tax regime? 
  • If you operate internationally, creating payroll obligations in multiple countries due to cross-border movement, a global take on your payroll handling needs to be adopted. 

Our services

We will deliver daily support for any payroll question.

  • We will give you advice on social security on local and international level.
  • Any advice on taxable and non-taxable items regarding withholding tax, on local and international level.
  • Implementation of tax rulings into the payroll.
  • Review of the compensation to ensure compliance with social security and withholding tax requirements. 
  • Request and support for certificate of coverage or A1 form.
  • Ensuring correct registration and reporting of your company and your employees in Sweden.
  • Providing global payroll coordination services using our Global KPMG Technology. 


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