What will the future look like for your company?

An interactive session at KPMG’s Nordic Insights Center will make your organization more prepared for tomorrow and help you make better and faster decisions. Here at the Nordic Insights Center, we work side-by-side to help you uncover new possibilities and accelerate the transformation of your business.

This is how we do it – Session types at the Insights Center

Through interactive sessions, we help you accelerate the delivery of customized and integrated data and analytics solutions into your business. Read about our two different session types below.

Explore – the art of the possible

Be inspired by market trends in your sector, data analytics and automation to spark ideas where you can go next. Explore new thinking that can take your business even further.

Spotlight – the future of your field

Focus on the area, challenge, or business opportunity most relevant to you. Spotlight the future, shape high-level options, and build a roadmap to action.


Our showroom – The Insights Exploration Center

Get a glimpse of our offer

At our head office in Stockholm, we have our showroom – the Insights Exploration Center. Here you can get to know our digital expertise and get a glimpse of what we offer you at the Nordic Insights Center in Gothenburg.

Come and see what a workshop or innovation session at the Nordic Insights Center can offer.

More about the Nordic Insights Center

The Insights Center is a high-tech collaborative environment, where we explore data-driven technologies, emerging trends, and the latest analytic solutions and services from the KPMG global network. At the Insights Center, we help you turn data into insights that lead to value. We bring complex data enabled technologies to life, and help you make finer and faster decisions. Together we discover, innovate, and transform your business.

Virtual tour

Follow the link below and take a virtual tour around the Nordic Insights Center and explore what the center has to offer.

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