Client Monies Investigations Liquidators’ Supplementary Report

BBY Client Monies Investigation Supplementary Report

Details of the Supplementary Liquidators' Client Monies Investigation Report submitted to the Supreme Court of NSW on 15 June 2016.

Supplementary Liquidators' Client Monies Investigation Report and supporting documents.

This is the Liquidators’ supplementary report (PDF 2.44MB) to the Client Monies Investigations Report (“the CSA Report”) published on this website on 22 December 2015, which provides an update on the Liquidators’ investigations into the affairs of BBY Limited (“BBYL”), including BBYL’s dealings with client monies and counterparties, with a view to providing further information to the Court and representative defendants in the proceeding. This supplementary report must be read in conjunction with the CSA Report. This supplementary report has been filed in the proceeding and served on each of the representative defendants, who represent the interests of various classes of creditors.

Client Monies Affidavit 15 June 2016

In addition to the client monies supplementary investigation report, the Liquidators have also lodged a supporting affidavit on 15 June 2016 in relation to further investigations that were conducted into BBYL’s dealings with client monies. Refer to Client Monies Affidavit (PDF 402KB): 15 June 2016.

Next steps

Refer to the Client Monies: Court Directions Proceedings page for latest news on the directions proceeding.


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