Integrated Wellness Solutions

Integrated Wellness Solutions

Unifying wellness interactions and experiences across your organisation.

Unifying wellness interactions and experiences across your organisation.

Today’s workforce faces a variety of potential health risks and needs. These can range from general fitness issues through to financial stress and sleep disorders, or chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This means that a holistic and integrated approach to wellness in the workplace is required, with consideration given to a broad range of services and programs.


Effective programs

Many wellness initiatives are focused on either acute needs or general awareness. However, the most effective programs look to boost capacity across a range of wellness dimensions. They consider the unique needs of the workforce and the impact of existing programs. As a result, they encourage sustainable behavioural change.


A clear framework

Addressing wellbeing needs within a workforce requires a framework that lets programs and services evolve over time. It should enable increased workforce capacity to translate into increased organisational capacity, measurable through absenteeism rates, engagement levels, overall productivity, and changing employee health behaviour.

The framework should also consider business constraints, such as timing, geographical locations, security requirements and duration. It should also offer clear visibility of the:

  • type and frequency of activities conducted
  • level of employee engagement in these activities
  • annual cost of activities
  • return on investment or behavioural change that these activities are helping to achieve.


Our approach

KPMG’s Integrated Wellness Solutions team focuses on helping organisations help their people to build their own wellness journey.

We take an experience-based learning approach and leverage health professionals, health technology and digital content capabilities to design unique programs to suit their needs.

Our approach integrates multiple types of interventions, including health technology, digital portals and e-learning. We focus on engagement and inclusion, and measuring behavioural change across key workforce segments and locations.


Find out more in our publication Wellbeing Innovation – Empowering health behaviour change at scale (PDF 178KB) 

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