Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive

AI & Cognitive

KPMG can help you achieve enhanced decision-making capability through process design, analytics and data-driven technologies.

Achieve enhanced decision-making through process design and data and analytics.

Decision-making reimagined, designed, delivered

Advances in data capture and data storage have enabled the retention of large quantities of information that can inform automated processes. Concurrently, human interaction with technology has changed the way in which individuals socialise, play, exercise, purchase and communicate.

Amid this, there is an opportunity for organisations to capture, consolidate and predict human interaction with business processes. This can be used to drive an organisation’s growth and consumer engagement.

KPMG’s Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive team helps organisations to draw on data to design processes using AI, cognitive, advanced analytics and data-driven technologies.


How we can help

The team brings a powerful combination of business acumen, creativity, design thinking and technical expertise, working at the intersection of psychology, analytics and technology. We develop strategic concepts from planning through to design, development and implementation.

Our approach starts with:

  • understanding the way in which information is consumed and used rather than produced
  • challenging traditional design constructs by embedding deep anthropological and human behaviour understanding into all aspects of capabilities developed 
  • considering the myriad of technology options available 
  • designing solutions that improve efficiency and enable business model innovation.


Key areas of focus

  • Decision-based automation
  • Cognitive decisioning, design and implementation
  • Insight driven customer transformation design and implementation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning.

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