Organisations today are faced with the challenge of obtaining transparency over the management of third party risks whilst maximising performance from their contractual arrangements.

Regulatory, financial, social and operational risks have all increased exponentially in a time of business disruption and commercial pressures. KPMG’s team supports organisations in mitigating those risks and maximising value across the contract lifecycle.

Considerations for organisations

Benefits for your organisation

We help organisations maximise value through:

Minimising contract cost leakages and realising cost recoveries.

Increasing capacity and capability of your contract management team.

Identifying value opportunities in contract terms and delivery models.

Resourcing efficiencies through automation of manual contract management activities.

Aligning contract management requirements with contract needs.

How KPMG can help

How KPMG can help

KPMG helps organisations with contracting challenges and opportunities.

Our team of experienced professionals have first hand experience in helping clients navigate through a diverse range of contracting challenges and opportunities.

Our specialists comprise a mix of discipline skillsets in contract management, procurement, assurance, and data analysis. 

Our work is underpinned by commercial, technical and digital capabilities that provide tangible value in the form of cost recoveries and delivery efficiencies across an organisation’s contracted arrangements.

Our Vendor Performance services include:

  • performing contract audits on financial and performance outcomes
  • assessing the maturity and effectiveness of contract management functions
  • establishing risk-based contract management frameworks
  • Contract Management as a Service
  • automating contract management through performance measurement and invoice validation tools
  • developing or refining contracting strategies
  • supporting contract negotiation, renegotiation and dispute support.

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