Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management

KPMG’s innovative approach to help you transform your customer service, enhance your employee experience, and to power your back office performance.

Helping you to transform your customer service, employee experience, and back office.

With the speed of business so fast and customer and employee expectations of service now so high, organisations need to take steps to increase both employee and customer satisfaction.

To do this, they need to dramatically improve the efficiency of processes and workflows, and ensure they have the right technology platform to support this transformation.
A step beyond IT Service Management, KPMG’s Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is designed to help organisations of all sizes address these challenges.


How we can help

KPMG’s ESM practice is designed to help you transform your service management, not only within IT, but across the business.

We help you to uplift IT Service Management (ITSM), and then extend the benefits to the wider enterprise. We define ESM strategies and roadmaps, then work with you through to the implementation and ongoing management of the ESM platform – ServiceNow.

Our ESM practice can help you gain tangible outcomes across three areas:

  • Technology: The implementation of a well-defined IT Service Management strategy sets the foundations for ESM. This is typically enabled by a single platform for automating workflows, increasing transparency to IT related requests, incidents and risks.
  • Employees: Key service concepts of ITSM are applied to the wider enterprise (e.g. HR, Finance and Corporate Services). As the second step of our ESM approach, we automate the most common employee requests and workflows across the organisation. 
  • Customers: Once IT and the back-office have adopted ESM, request channels and supporting workflows are extended out to customers. Similar to employees, customers can benefit greatly from self-service channels for dealing with requests, reviewing information on demand, and tracking progress against ongoing business interactions.

We offer a suite of ESM services designed to assist clients across a broad range of industries including:

  • Vision and strategy definition
  • Rapid current state reviews 
  • Business case definition
  • Implementation planning
  • Capability, process and workflow design
  • Scorecard definition
  • Platform implementation and support (ServiceNow).

For more information, read more in our ESM factsheet (PDF 182KB)

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