KPMG auditors provide assurance services to help companies communicate transparently with the market and build trust in their business environment. Our services include attestation of financial forecasts and other forms of attestation.

Financial forecasts

Entities often prepare financial forecasts that should be reviewed by an independent third party. Such requirements apply, for example, to financial forecasts included in prospectuses. In such cases, KPMG in Poland draws up an assurance report on financial forecasts prepared by the company in accordance with the applicable reporting requirements. Our services are provided in keeping with International Standards on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) and applicable national standards.

Other types of assurance services

KPMG issues reports on verification, review or performance of agreed-upon procedures. Such services satisfy companies’ needs for assurance services other than audits of financial statements. The reports provide independent assurance of the reliability or credibility of information about products, services or activities under the company’s responsibility. Such services are performed in keeping with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) or International Standards on Related Services (ISRS) and applicable national standards.

The catalogue of other assurance services is broad and includes, among other things:

  • Review of merger, split and transformation plans
  • Cyber health check
  • Electricity with excise duty relief
  • Advertising costs—settlement of bonuses at media houses
  • Fees for distributors of medicines
  • Full exemption from excise duty on electricity for certain types of consumption
  • Attestation of dividend capacity
  • Confirming the validity of claims against other parties to construction contracts
  • Confirming amounts due under a change order or annex to a construction contract
  • Reporting of non-financial data
  • Accounting for turnover rent
  • Dealer agreements in the automotive sector.

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