The Financing Team operating within the Corporate Finance Group comprises more than 230 advisers in 14 countries.

Team operating within the CF Group comprises more than 230 advisers in 14 countries.

The Financing Team has considerable experience in respective products and sectors. In order to determine the strategies and financing sources which will prove favorable for potential clients our team takes benefit of the profound knowledge on international financial markets and direct contacts with some of the leading financial institutions worldwide and in Poland.

The advisory services of KPMG network in scope of financing are objective and independent from financing sources. We provide support throughout the whole process of obtaining finance, starting from the strategy selection to the complete implementation of the chosen solution. Each cooperation starts with the analysis of Client’s strategic objectives and related financing needs. Then we review the alternative financing structures in terms of their influence upon the implementation of the outlined strategic objectives. Once the structure has been selected, we search for the optimal financing sources for that purpose we coordinate contacts with financial institutions and potential investors. We participate actively in negotiations to obtain the most favorable terms of financing.


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