Irregularities in VAT settlements may entail additional costs for businesses and legal consequences for those in charge of handling tax affairs. With VAT Compliance, our clients mitigate tax risks and receive support in the VAT settlement process.

KPMG’s team of tax advisors has expertise in our clients’ industries. KPMG’s services ensure compliance with current national and EU tax legislation. Our clients can mitigate financial and legal risks associated with the accounting function in their companies.

Our services include:

  • Support with VAT and VAT-EU registration
  • Keeping VAT registers
  • Preparing and verifying VAT returns, including JPK_VAT
  • Assistance in obtaining VAT refunds
  • Support during tax investigations and tax inspections.

Why choose KPMG services?

Ever-increasing reporting obligations imposed by tax authorities as well as changes in tax legislation may have serious consequences, such as failure to comply with VAT settlement formalities or incorrect settlement of VAT. The VAT Compliance service offers full support in VAT calculations and other VAT-related issues. KPMG’s network of member firms has a reservoir of experienced tax experts. Their expertise is grounded in thorough analysis of the regulations and practical application in direct interactions with tax authorities.

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