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It is becoming obvious that ESG should be the core of the company's strategy and shape the narrative around the organization's goal. Every aspect of the business is now assessed – how employees are treated, what the supply chain looks like, how data is used and managed, and how the business affects the environment. It is already clear that having a clearly defined goal and creating a positive impact on the planet and people counts like never before.

ESG is not just the result

ESG indicators are more and more important for investors and can decide about the future of the company. However, the indicators are only the result of what the company does. Disclosure and transparency are critical to capturing business commitment to ESG and proving business resilience and sustainability among stakeholders.

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the ESG agenda

The pandemic has shown how companies can adapt to extreme changes and focus on an integrity-driven economy. As companies are forced to transform, this is an opportunity to embed ESG in their business strategies.

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We support companies at every stage of ESG implementation.

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Responsible business strategy

Putting sustainable development at the center of your business strategy.

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Climate risk and decarbonization strategy

What does climate risk mean for business and what actions to take?

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Sustainable financing

Helping financial institutions finance a more sustainable future.

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Działania operacyjne
Operational activities

Sustainable supply chain

Building an ethical and resilient supply chain.

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Raportowanie i usługi poświadczające
Reporting and assurance services

ESG reporting and assurance

Understand and increase confidence in ESG disclosures.

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